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Yesterday An Arts Student, Today…

What is Arts Ed Now?

A statewide campaign to increase active participation in arts education at all schools in New Jersey.

Campaign goals, by 2020:
•All NJ students to have access to arts education.
•Increase the number of schools providing more than two art forms
•Increase arts participation in elementary and middle schools to 100%
•Increase arts participation in high schools to 60%
•Increase school engagement with community cultural groups
•Develop a statewide network of local stakeholders

Why we need it:
•Students who participate in arts education do better in school and in life!
•The longer students are engaged in arts education, the better they do overall.
•State policies aren’t being maximized to engage students in arts education.
•Not all NJ students have the same access to arts education.
•Local ambassadors can make a difference! We can influence what’s offered in schools and how much students participate in arts education.

Who can take action:
•Students: Take more arts classes! Tell your story. How has arts ed made you be a better student/person?
•Parents: Encourage your kids to participate in arts education. Get educated about its impact, speak out and organize other parents to get involved.
•Teachers: Bring Arts Ed Now into the classroom. Speak out and organize other teachers to get involved.
•Community Leaders: Share Arts Ed Now with your circles of influence. Engage Boards, organizations and institutions to promote arts education.
•Policy-makers and Administrators: Push for more dedicated resources for arts education at the state and district levels.

Get involved today:
Click HERE to download the “Yesterday, An Arts Student…” PDF, and fill in the blank. Then, take your photo holding up your sign, and tag us on social media! You can tag Appel Farm at @appelfarmartscamp and Arts Ed Now at @artsedNJ – and use the hashtag, #artsednow.

Learn more about Arts Ed Now by visiting their website: