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Wacky Wednesday!

Today was our first wacky Wednesday of the summer; with half of the staff enjoying a day off, campers had the unique chance to participate in fun combination classes and learn with new instructors.

The morning started off with a casting announcement for our 4-week Theater Performance majors! Campers flocked to see who was in which shows and acting studios. As the titles of the shows are kept hush hush until today, it is always an exciting moment. The first session shows are…. drumroll please…….

Legally Blonde The Musical

The Man Who Came To Dinner

To Kill A Mockingbird

Our 2-Week Theater Performance majors are already deep in to work on their adaptation of Macbeth.

After classes and free time our campers headed to Department Workshops as tonight’s evening activity. From expressing their creativity through painting colorful designs on our Art Studio benches to singing their hearts out to Disney Karaoke to getting physical through a rousing game of volleyball, there was a plethora of fun options for camper’s to choose from!

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