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Visual Arts

Visual Arts

Throw a pot, paint a mural, or sculpt your wildest dreams! Possibilities are endless when you let your imagination take the lead.

  • Campers learn to use a variety of artistic tools including pottery wheels, welding and glass torches, printing press, and more.
  • Individual and Collaborative projects with an emphasis on process learning
  • Electric, Gas, and Unique Noborigama Wood-fired Kilns
  • Informal Class Critiques, Art History, and Appreciation
  • Families Invited to a Formal Gallery Show Each Session
  • Spacious new art building houses large, open studios and gallery

Visual Arts Majors

Campers in the Visual Arts program choose a specific medium to study, learning and practicing new skills and techniques, and working on projects. Campers learn to work with a variety of artistic tools including a printing press, loom, pottery wheels, welding and glass torches, and electric, gas, and unique Noborigama wood-fired kilns. They also participate in informal class critiques and learn about art history.

Major I Classes

  • Drawing, Painting, Ceramics, Sculpture, Fiber Arts & Crafts

Major II Classes

  • Drawing, Painting, Ceramics, Sculpture, Multimedia Art & Printmaking

Visual Arts Minors

We have a unique staff with a wide variety of specialized skills. Every summer, we strive to design classes that capitalize off of our staff’s special strengths. So, minor class lists change a little every year.

Examples of Past Minor Classes

  • Illustration & Comic Book Art
  • Painting on Alternative Surfaces
  • Sculptural Ceramics
  • Functional Ceramics
  • Mixed Media Sculptures
  • Jewelry Making
  • Fabric Art

Some of our classes are in such high demand that they’re offered as both Majors AND Minors, such as Green Corp and LEGO® Robotics and Design!

Check out this slideshow of some of our talented Visual Artist campers showing off their skills!