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Visiting Day, Missing our Two Weekers, and Carnival!

Hello parents!  Today was visiting day!  Many of you came and picked up your children to take them out for a fun day off camp!  They are just beginning to trickle back on to camp and they are sharing the tales of their adventures!  Those parents who were not able to come today, don’t worry!  Your child still had a great day and even got to get off camp for a little while.  They got to go on an ice cream trip and then call you on the phone for 15 minutes, it was a great time!

We are a bit sad today because our two and six weekers have all left us.  We will miss them so much and we hope to see them all again next year!  

Today was not all sad of course.  We had the pleasure of welcoming our one week campers!  A bunch of bunks all around camp will be receiving new friends!  We are very excited to get to know the them!

Tonight is our carnival!  The carnival is definitely one of the best events we have at Appel Farm.  It is packed full of camp traditions.  Camp marriages and adoptions is by far the most popular booth.  Campers will have the opportunity to marry and adopt whoever they want so the can build their Appel Farmily!  They love creating weird and interesting family trees.  We have a new addition to the Marriage/Adoption Booth this session, they will also have the option to adopt a pet rock!  Another great thing about the carnival is the cotton candy machine!  The kiddos love getting hopped up on sugar and marrying their friends!

The photos from the Horse Show and the Visual Arts Show are now up on CampInTouch!