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Visiting Day!

Today, we sadly had to say goodbye to our 2 and 6 week campers. We had a great time during their time here, but we are sad to see them go. We hope to see them again. We also had a great time meeting all of our families and special guests during visiting day. Visiting day is special because everyone gets to do something fun! We love seeing our campers happy, and today was a very good day. Also , we had the honor of welcoming our 1-week campers! We know they will enjoy their time at camp and that it will be packed full of activities.


Tonight, we had our carnival! The carnival is a camp favorite, it’s a evening full of wonderful activities (many of which are Appel Farm traditions). The activities included cotton candy & popcorn booths, face painting, psykus ( psychic-haiku), balloon making, blind portraits, marriage certificates , adoption certificates, marriage counseling, and more! As you can tell Appel Farm offers a couple quirky carnival options, but they are traditions and camper favorites. Tomorrow, we have a chance to relax and listen during our evening activity which is the acoustic campfire. This campfire is great because it’s very relaxing and creative, the campers perform completely without technical requirements.


Check back soon for photos from the 2-week showcase!