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Two-Week Camper Families: You're Invited to our Mini-Session Showcase

You’re invited to our Mini-Session Showcase! On Saturday, July 11, 2015. The schedule is as follows:


Part 1:

4:00 pm- Horseback Riding Show

4:30 pm- Theater Show: Drop Dead Juliet

5:15 pm- Music Concert

DINNER: 6:30 pm @ the Dining Hall

Part 2:

7:15 pm- Art & Photo Show

7:45 pm- Video Show

Sports & Swim Slideshow

Dance Performance: STATIC

We can’t wait for you see the amazing performances, but we have a few requests that we would love your help with…
Our theater seats about 325 people and we already have 325 people here with our campers and staff. SO, we are anticipating a very full theater with all of our campers, counselors and guests; we ask that you limit the number of guests you are bringing to 2 people per camper, if possible.

Plan to arrive only ten minutes early because your children will need every last minute for technical rehearsals.

Please only attend the part of the showcase in which your child is performing. If your child is performing in both parts, then you are invited to stay for the entire evening and to join us for dinner at 6:30 pm. We will be offering a stuffed shells dinner, with outdoor seating. Our kitchen will need to prepare in advance, so if you would like to stay for dinner, we need you to respond no later than Thursday July 9 with an RSVP.  We understand that many of you will want to visit with your camper before or after their show, but please keep in mind, you will be picking them up the next morning to go home, and will have lots of time then to visit.

Campers are not allowed to leave camp for dinner or after the performances.  Every minute of camp time is precious and we want your child to have all of it they can!

Please R.S.V.P. if you are planning to attend the show by e-mailing us at with the following information:

*Your camper’s name

*How many people are in your party (Parents/Guardians, and if applicable, the camper’s siblings.)

*If you are attending Part I, Part II, or need to attend both parts of the show.

*If your camper is performing in both parts, then let us know if you’ll be joining us for DINNER.


4:00     Horseback Riding Show @ Beauty & the Beast

Featuring: Anna Johnson, Ella Rowe, & Rebecca Graber

4:30  Theater Show: Drop Dead Juliet @ Theater

Featuring: Payton Buchner, Dionna Dash, Lauren Glover, Rebecca Graber, Georgia Morris, & Alexis Short

5:15  Music Concert @ Theater

Featuring: Mark Faverzani, Darqui Garcia, Emma Hawkins, Harry Khaykovich, Ahron Lewis, Georgia Morris, Thomas Neuger, Lily Phillips, Juliana Rolo, Sophia Solano, Virginia Tamburell, & Isabella Ulfelder

7:15     Visual Arts & Photography Show @ Art Gallery & Conference Room 3

Features art and robotics by:Cooper Bingham, Katie Butler, Payton Buchner, Amy Chaplin-Loebell, Ethan Chin, Dionna Dash, William De Santis, Christopher De Santis, Josephina Pedretti, Mark Faverzani, Darqui Garcia, Ethan Glover, Carl Gombert, Anna Johnson, Emma Jolinger, Harry Khaykovich, Joseph Morrow, Maya Barber, Ahron Lewis, Sophia Solano, Mya Steir, Ella Rowe, Virginia Tamburello, Isabella Ulfelder, Lily Phillips, Mona Marshall, Willa Marshall, & Sara Pekar

Camper artists will be available from 7:15-7:45 pm to discuss their work in the gallery and conference rooms. All campers also bring their work home.

7:45    Video Show @ Theater

Videos shot and produced by: Maya Barber, Cooper Bingham, Ethan Chin, Joseph Morrow & Thomas Neuger

Sports & Swim Feature @ Theater (following the Video Show)

This will be a short slideshow to highlight the accomplishments of two-week campers in Sports & Swim classes. Students are Harry Khaykovich, Ethan Chin, Ethan Glover, & Mya Steir

STATIC: Dance Show @ Theater
Featuring: Maya Barber, Emma Hawkins, Ella Rowe, Lauren Glover, Josephina Pedretti, Alexis Short, & Georgia Morris

*Technical Theater & Fashion Design:

The campers in our Technical Theater program will be assisting with the performances as stage managers and run crew. Some will also have costume pieces and designs on display in the theater lobby. Campers include Christopher De Santis, Virginia Tamburelolo, Maya Barber, Katie Butler, Sara Pekar, Payton Buchner, Cooper Bingham, Joseph Morrow, & Josephina Pedretti.

*Creative Writing:

We also want to recognize all of the hard work of our two-week creative writing students. Writers include Josephina Pedretti, Lily Phillips, Sophia Solano, Amy Chaplin-Loebell, Emma Jolinger, Willa Marshall, Thomas Neuger, Christopher De Santis, William De Santis, Emma Hawkins, Ahron Lewis, Virginia Tamburello, Isabella Ulfelder, Lauren Glover, & Carl Gombert.


We don’t want them to leave, but Sunday is Check-Out Day. Please plan to pick up your camper between 9-11 AM Sunday, July 12th.

Also, out of respect of our other campers and camp rules, please do not visit your child’s bunk, bring any food, or take any of your camper’s belongings on Saturday night. Campers will not be allowed to leave camp Saturday night.

Check out our website for nearby accommodations using this link:

We look forward to seeing you this weekend! Don’t worry if you can’t make it to the Mini-Session Showcase Saturday night; we will be video taping all of the performances and they will be available in the Fall.

ANY QUESTIONS: E-mail us at OR Call us at 856-358-2472

Much camp love,

Cori, Jennie, & Tracy

Camp Directors