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Twin Time

Twin Time

Appel Farmers celebrate soul siblings when it’s time to talk about our terrific Twin Day! 

At Appel Farm Arts Camp, friendships form fast and form strong. Campers and staff members alike often find people who they feel so connected to, it’s almost like they’ve known eachother their whole lives! We love that strong friendships last a lifetime here at Appel Farm. So, we take every opportunity possible to bond, grow, and support camp friendships in new and interesting ways.

In the final days of the session, campers are given the opportunity to show off their teamwork for the whole camp to see.  As the last days of majors and minors draw to a close and performances start to ramp up, Appel Farmers celebrate the old camp favorite known as Twin Day!

All day long, campers dress like, talk like, and act like their bosom buddies or closest counselors. Twins don’t need to limit themselves to just a pair, either. We’ve seen twins, triplets, and even quadruplets! Everyone can join in the fun! The more kin, the merrier!

During this awesome event, we’ll take a moment to appreciate the work participants put into representing their relationships. “Twin Day” participants are asked to come to the front of the Dining Hall during lunch to show off their own personal flair. This isn’t a scored event and is by no means a competition, but it is a chance to bask in the supportive atmosphere with someone close. This is just one more opportunity for campers to share something (and someone) who matters to them. We’ll see twins dressing up in clothes that are entirely the same, in complementary colors or styles, or even in line with one common theme. Campers in 2015 could be spotted sporting twin themes of the “good” and “evil” twin split, sleepy time twins, and even stripey holiday twins! (How do they come up with this stuff??)

After lunch, campers can commemorate the day by posing together in our signature “Twin Day” photo frame. Photos are posted on our blog to share with family, friends, and, yes, especially twinsies!