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Trip Day and Movie Night

Today we had an incredible day! Campers ventured off for their Bunk Area Trip – North and Coop campers spent the afternoon at Avalon Beach, while our Hill and South campers strolled the boardwalks and lounged on the beach in Ocean City.

Avalon campers returned to camp for a yummy General Tso’s dinner, while campers in Ocean City got to grab dinner on the boardwalk. When campers returned from trips, they got to choose from 4 movies playing in different spaces on camp. We heard a LOT of excitement for “Greatest Showman” – some campers even got on top of a picnic table to sing songs from the movie, to hype up the crowd.

We posted some fun video clips on our Instagram story tonight – are you following us on Social Media? We post on Instagram (@appelfarmartscamp), on our Facebook Page, and share photos through Camp-In-Touch. Be sure to keep up with all the fun happening at Appel Farm!