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Trip Day!

One of the most awaited days of camp: trip day!

Our different bunk areas got to explore Ocean City, NJ, Washington, DC, and the Zoo on this exciting day!

Our campers at Ocean City had the chance to relax in the sand, cool off in the ocean, hit the boardwalk, ride some rides at the piers, and, of course, get some great boardwalk food! Some of our more daring campers rode the GaleForce Roller Coaster, which includes an over 90 degree drop!

Our campers at Washington, DC strolled down the National Mall. One of their stops included the National Air and Space Museum where they got to learn about historic aircrafts, outer-space, and tons of other exciting things!

At the zoo, our campers got to see all of our fuzzy and scaly friends of the animal kingdom. A fan favorite was the lion exhibit and the giraffes. Our campers loved seeing all the creatures our beautiful world has to offer!

The campers had a blast on all their trips, and although we love our daily classes at Appel Farm, it was so exciting going out to see the world and exploring so many exciting new things!