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Trip Day

Hello parents!  We had some fun in the sun today!  I think all the kids would agree that trip day made up for the beach day we had lost.  Between the swimming and sandcastles and the ice cream and Wawa runs, there was something for everyone.  The north boys put on an impromptu hat fashion show at the five and dime.  Many kids took part in an ice cream sundae party and others found all sorts of creative ways to spend their $15. Counselors took the campers to jump through some waves while others stayed on dry land to dig holes and build sand castles. As the day came to an end, the campers tiredly packed up their things and filed slowly back onto the busses. Many used the long bus ride to take a well deserved nap before dinner.

Tonight our evening activity will be bunk activities.  The kiddos had a fun day hanging out with other campers and now it’s time to spend some time with their bunks.   The kids will get to play fun games or crafts while telling their bunk mates about their beach day adventures!  Photos from beach day can be viewed on Thursday.  Have a wonderful night!