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Trip Day!

Today was a fun day for our campers! Directly after breakfast each department set out on their morning adventures! All of visual arts went into Philly to visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Photography also visited Philly and participated in a photo scavenger hunt through out the city. Another group that traveled into the city were the theatre & creative department, as well as the art & technology department. Theatre & creative writing worked with a program called the “Guerilla Haiku Movement”, the campers used chalk to express themselves on the streets! While they made poetry, art & technology campers followed them while working on documentary film-making. Our music department went to Friends Village to share their love of music with its residents, it was lovely! Next, our dance department went to La Pierre Ballroom Dance studio in Glassboro, NJ to fresh’n up their ballroom dance skills! The sport & swim department went to Lake Garrison and enjoyed a lovely morning of outdoor activities. Lastly, the technical theatre department stayed on camp and participated in a “set design challenge”; each team designed various aspects of the set for the same show. Then, they watched the show play both pieces and discussed how the various elements of technical theatre change how the audience perceives a show.


Tonight we have our first FRIDAY NIGHT CONCERT! Friday night concerts are exciting because they are camper only and offer a wonderful opportunity for campers to show us their talents! We love when campers work together with friends to create a band, or present something on their own. Popular acts are songs and bands, but we also have campers who present poetry or a skit. We love the variety. Don’t forget to check out the photo gallery for all of the photos from this exciting first week of camp!


*Dance & Spoken Word/Music Concert 2 are now available on the photo gallery!*