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Throughout the Years, My Favorite Poem

“Poetry is a vocal art. Reading a poem silently instead of saying a poem is like the difference between staring at sheet music or actually playing the music on an instrument.” Robert Pinsky

One summer, a very special young lady wrote a poem for me. I can still hear her voice reading it aloud, and though I can’t possibly read it aloud myself without tearing up, I cherish every word she wrote. Hung in my office, I noticed her poem today and thought for today’s blog we should take a moment to celebrate this beautiful art that comes from Appel Farm every summer and from all over the world.


One of the best things I’ve seen happening at Appel Farm over the past six years has been the growth of the Creative Writing program. Now offered as a popular Major and Minor, more and more campers are sharing their talents as writers, journalists and poets. This summer, we are excited about our writing teachers Nancy, Sam, Jason, Jessica, Chloe, Sarv, Ben and more, who are sure to inspire everyone and even dazzle us with some performance poetry!


In honor of National Poetry Month, I’d like to bring to your attention a pretty cool thing happening called the Favorite Poem Project, started many years ago by Robert Pinsky.  Dedicated to celebrating, documenting and encouraging poetry in American’s lives, the Favorite Poem Project not only has collections of some amazing writing, but has videos of interesting people reading their poems aloud. My favorite is by Katherine Mechling, a fifth grader, reading a poem about a SLOTH! Check her out HERE!

Look forward to a summer filled with poems, short   stories and fun Appel Core articles from our Creative Writing campers and staff. I know I’ll be…

Share with everyone, your favorite poem, or a poem that you’ve written by filling in the comment section below!

I’ll start by sharing the one hung on my wall. Thank you, Emi!

~ Cori

Throughout the Years  by Emi Buchanan, former camper

Throughout the years, we have grown.

You are one of the people who

help those who grow.


Throughout the years, this camp has grown.

You have made me love this

place more than anyone.


Throughout the years, I have grown.

I have gotten stronger from you

and better at what I love.


My first year was a cry, a

tear filled with sorrow, for I missed

my parents and my family.


The second year was faint, a

fog in my mind, for I was almost healed

of my homesickness.


My third year was a smile, a

warm hug, a warm embrace, for my friends

helped me through and my classes helped

me forget,

helped me have fun.


Throughout the years, I have grown,

for you have helped me in so many