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Thrift Store Treasure

My younger sister was at a Thrift Store last week.  There, she found five oil paintings sitting up against a wall, collecting dust.  She bought them at $8 a piece, brought them home and looked up their signatures on the internet…

It turns out that most of them were painted by notable artists – no Vincent Van Gogh’s – but artists that at least warranted a mention on the internet.  One of them in particular could be worth quite a bit.

Yesterday on the radio, I was listening to a news story on WHYY.  A missing painting by N.C.Wyeth (father and grandfather to artists Andrew and Jamie) was discovered hanging in a dark hallway at the offices of Glaxo Smith Kline in Center City Philadephia. The painting is entitled, “The Trial of the Bow” and is one of a series of 16 illustrations that N.C. Wyeth completed for a 1929 translation of “The Odyssey”.  Until this painting was discovered, only five of the 16 were accounted for – 10 are still missing.


Learn more about this amazing story by clicking HERE!

My sister is having her thrift store paintings appraised.  Fingers crossed!  She is already fantasizing about an early retirement!

So, the next time you are at a garage sale or your mom or dad drags you along to a thrift store, you might want to keep your eyes peeled.  Who knows what you will find!  There are still ten N.C. Wyeth paintings out there waiting to be found.