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The CIT Program

The CIT Program

Counselor In Training Program

What is the CIT program?

The Counselor In Training (CIT) Program allows campers to develop the important skills needed for future education and professional development.  CITs will have the opportunity to complete a guided study in the major of their choice, create portfolios and audition pieces, and leave camp with tangible, practical pieces of work and skills.  CITs will also take part in transformative leadership training workshops and activities through their CIT meetings each day.

CITs are still campers and, like other campers, participate in majors, minors, and camp events. CITs live in a bunk area of their own, with staff chosen with their needs in mind. CITs will also assume additional responsibilities, and earn a few special privileges and benefits.  Successful CITs will be eligible to participate in our Camp Internship program for 18-19-year-olds.

Who can be a CIT?

CITs are campers who meet one of two requirements:
• They are entering the 11th or 12th grade.
• They are 16 or 17 years old.

CIT Leadership and Experience

• Completion of a Guided Study Project.
• Staff Mentor for their Guided Study Project.
• Take part in a CIT Minor – a class dedicated to team building and leadership, only for CITs.
• Receive 40 Service Hours.

CIT Privileges & Responsibilities

• Overnight College Adventure – a 2 day/overnight trip out of camp.
• Plan and execute the traditional “CIT Surprise” event on camp.
• Assigned to a cabin of “Little Buddies” – to serve as a role model/big sibling.
• Bunk Supervision once a week.
• Welcome our families as ushers on Performance Days.
• On-site service project with all CITs.
• Trip off-camp to the local diner for a CIT-only outing.
• Weekly phone time.
• CITs are expected to act as a role model, consistently showing respect for each member of the community, promoting the philosophies of Appel Farm, abiding by the rules of the community, and encouraging the rules and policies among other campers.

The Overnight College Adventure

CITs spend 2 days visiting a variety of colleges and universities to learn more about the college admissions process and begin exploring college programs. This trip includes a unique bonding experience for our CITs, as they stay off-site overnight and take part in fun group activities while discovering what they look for in a college experience.

CIT Program Takeaways

The CIT program encompasses three main themes: Learning, Leadership, and Service. CITs are expected to attend all meetings and training sessions, complete all projects and responsibilities with promptness, conduct themselves with a positive attitude and professional mannerisms. CITs are expected to uphold all camp rules.  Any CIT with behavior unlike that of a role model for other campers may be dismissed from the program.

  • Learning:  CIT’s will complete a guided study in one of their Major classes, working closely with an Instructor to learn the valuable skills needed to participate in the chosen art field on a collegiate or professional level and practical job and life skills for the future. As part of the guided study, CITs will create portfolios of their work and audition pieces for visual, media, and performing arts programs.  Every guided study will be tailored to fit the CIT’s interests and goals in collaboration with our knowledgeable staff and their areas of expertise.
  • Leadership: CITs will serve as a Big Sister/Brother to one of our youngest campers (ages 7-11).  As their Big Sister/Brother, CITs will support a young camper in transitioning to Appel Farm, working through difficulties such as homesickness and making friends.  CITs will also help a camper to understand the culture and fun of camp!  CITs will accompany their “littles” on special off-camp trips such as berry picking, write messages to receive during mail-call, and spend quality time with their little throughout their stay at camp.  CITs will also help with bunk supervision at various times throughout the summer.
  • Service:  Our hope is that CITs will give back to the Appel Farm community through helping to make camp a comfortable, kinder, more thoughtful place for everyone to live.  CITs will be involved in giving back to camp in many ways and will learn the importance of being a giving, helpful, reliable member of the community.

How will the CIT program help me?

The CIT program is an excellent learning and leadership experience.  Through guided study, we will help you feel more prepared and more ready for life outside of Appel Farm.  You will leave camp with tangible items and practical skills that will help you more confidently apply to future programs of your interest. You will earn community service hours while at camp while forming lifelong friendships with like-minded peers. Ultimately, you will enjoy all of the rewards of being a senior camper at Appel Farm Arts Camp, while also maturing as a future leader!

Senior CITs

Campers who have completed the CIT program, and are still eligible to attend camp, can apply for an additional CIT year. Senior CITs will be able to continue to build on their guided study project, complete a new guided study, or work with our camp team to create an individually designed CIT project experience. Senior CITs will see a new group of colleges on the college tour.

How to Apply

Teenagers interested and eligible for the CIT program should register for Camp, and then apply online using the link below. CIT applications are reviewed and accepted on a rolling basis, and space is limited. We encourage all campers interested in the CIT program to apply early in the season!

If you have any questions, please contact Kristina Hill, at 856-358-6881 or

Click here to apply online.