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Teenage Campers

Teenage Campers

About 60% of the young people attending Appel Farm Arts Camp are teenagers – this is a great place to meet people with your interests, make friends and gain skills with peers your age! We take care to create activities that teenagers enjoy and that allow young people freedom to express themselves and socialize during free time.

Every evening, you can opt into activities like Actor’s Studio, Open Mic Night, campfires, jamming with your friends, playing cards, and just hanging out under the stars! During classes, instruction is differentiated based on skill level so even the most advanced student can feel challenged and inspired in their art fields. Many campers even work on high school and college admission portfolios. For our oldest campers, we offer a dynamic leadership and a learning-based program called the Counselor In Training Program. Click here to learn more about the CIT Program!

For our teenage campers who have completed one year in the CIT Program, our Senior CIT Program builds on all that they learned in their first year as a CIT, in the second year of training, personal growth, and fun! Click here to learn more about the Senior CIT Program!