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#TBT to Our Obsession with Zombies

#TBT to Our Obsession with Zombies

We don’t know if it’s because the Bunny Trail around Lake Inferior is perfectly eerie in the fog, or Appel Farmers share some really intense imaginations, or because we can’t possibly let a place as serene and perfect as Appel Farm Arts Camp actually exist… But for as long as we can remember, Appel Farm has been obsessed with zombies.

Louise wrote a play about them, and we produced it in 2005. Eloise, who was a Southie at the time, played a cute little zombie who dragged a human arm across the stage and then took a bite of it! The arm was made of Rice Krispies Treats because our Technical Theater team is always awesome.

Last Licks in the Bronx will go down in Appel Farm history as one of our favorites, and also as the play that ruined Dexter’s sleeping habits for the rest of camp. He just couldn’t stop thinking about those zombies…

Our Video majors made a movie about them in 2012, focusing in on Zombie Rights, which is so very Appel Farm. We made another zombie movie in 2015, and the Dining Hall was overrun with CITs turned dancing zombies the same summer.

Stage Makeup classes have been parading their work around camp for years, scaring our camp parents who see photos of their zombified children on the Blog!

There’s more. We write about zombies in Creative Writing. We paint them in Visual Arts. We photograph them in Photography. We can’t remember any zombie songs, but we can’t rule it out! Somebody probably covered the Cranberries…

We have to face it. We are obsessed with zombies… Perhaps they will look favorably on us if the zombie apocalypse ever hits Elmer, NJ.