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#TBT to Every Time We Played Wonderwall

#TBT to Every Time We Played Wonderwall

“Today is gonna be the day
That they’re gonna throw it back to you”


How many times have we heard that in the Clare Rostan Appel Theater since Oasis released Wonderwall in 1995?

So. Many. Times.

There’s a chance that we will hear it again this summer, but for sure we will hear something amazing because Rock Shows at Appel Farm are epic. We shred. We solo. We invite our friends to come close to the stage and rock out. We behave like rock stars but stop short of the antics we saw from the Gallagher brothers, while we play their song summer after summer…

Appel Farm Rock Shows might have featured this song a little too often in the past, but we’ve also heard a fair amount of other rock, pop, jazz, punk, metal, folk, rap, funk, hip-hop, and at least once…grindcore. We’ve heard tiny children play Gigantic by the Pixies! We’ve heard teenagers play a version of What a Wonderful Man by My Morning Jacket, that we like better than the original! We’ve heard a band so Appel Farm that played 99 Luftballons by Nena straight into a punk version of The Appel Farm Song! So awesome!

Young musicians don’t always have a chance to play the music they love with other kids who love it. They don’t always get to play with their band every day, and choose their own songs, and write music, and learn from talented instructors, and have opportunities to perform every week. Unless they come to Appel Farm Arts Camp, where all of those things lead to the Rock Show.

As we throw back this Thursday, let’s remember every Rock Show we saw at Appel Farm. Let’s get our guitars out and play. Let’s bang the drums, and sing our hearts out, and remember what it felt like to rock out at Camp!