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#TBT to Whatever Exactly Was Happening in These Photos…

#TBT to Whatever Exactly Was Happening in These Photos…

So, our TBT blogs are usually filled with photos that make all of us remember our days at camp. Photos of rock shows, painting classes, campers throwing pots and taking photos, the carnival, campfires, bunks taking a tour on the first day of camp… We can see ourselves in the photos, whether we are in them or not, because so many things at Appel Farm haven’t changed since way back in 1960. Sure, the buildings are newer, the jeans are skinnier, and we have some new murals, but everything in the photos is at least easy to understand!

Today’s blog is different. We have no idea what’s happening in any of these photos, and we don’t think most of you will either.

It’s ok, though. Maybe, because we all love Appel Farm and the wildly creative, loving, fun community we create each summer, you will give each photo the benefit of the doubt. Maybe you’ll assume whatever exactly was happening in each photo is totally Appel Farm, and so it’s ok. Maybe you’ll create your own back stories for each photo, and publish them as short play or an interpretive dance or some rad story art. Maybe one of the photos will remind of the one thing at camp you’ll never forget, and you’ll reach out to your long lost camp friends and remind them that you love them. (We hope these photos will make you think, or feel, or connect, or create. We really do.)

While you figure that out, here is our best guess at whatever exactly was happening in these photos:

Too many times, when grilled about how many chocolate chip cookies he grabbed at afternoon snack, this camper lied and said, “just two.”

Two staff members cover for their friend at a mandatory tie-dye workshop while he secretly takes a nap in his boring, one color t-shirt in the staff lounge.

Campers gathered around a mad scientist who was building a time machine. It is unclear whether the machine worked. Reports of these children showing up at Camp 2017 are still being confirmed.

This camper took a Stage Makeup workshop, years before the class was offered as a minor despite this photo… The camper still loves Appel Farm, and will, forever.

Something, probably zombies, chased these horrified children out of the garden. They were sad that their community responsibility was cut short!

This camper, who was usually mild mannered, took great offense at this new work of art. But he could not topple the work of art, no matter how hard he pulled on the art’s gilded antlers.

Mime/Bunk Counselor consoled children who wished he would just say OUT LOUD what he wanted them to do during Bunk Clean-Up!

Three teenagers cheerfully demonstrated their complete lack of understanding of how sweatshirts work. It would be sad, but look how happy they were.

Campers from Bunk 7 assembled in front of North, ready for any challenge. They had everything they needed, for anything, they were sure.

A young ceramics major explains her clay creation, which she brought to life as part of her ceramics/android class. She is proud of her work on the creation’s rad mohawk. Yeah, clay!

A bright light was seen streaking across the sky over the Hill Field, and fearing an alien invasion, campers and staff took a defensive stance.

Appel Farm started as a turtle sanctuary, and Albert is pictured offering encouragement to a turtle who was having a bad day.