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#TBT to Twin Day

#TBT to Twin Day

Our community celebrates each and every camper for who they are, and who they want to be. We find what’s unique about each camper, and help them identify and develop their strengths, skills, and interests. (For the record: we think the opposite of this is judgment, conforming to the norm, comparing and competition, and we just don’t think any of that helps our campers become their best selves.) So, we have a diverse group of people, each one unlike the others, a community of oddballs, a celebration of the individual as part of the community!

“I love Appel farm. It’s a great place to find out who you really are, and how great you can be.” – Ariana

And here’s a photo of what Twin Day should look like…

Why, then, is it even possible that our community loves Twin Day? It’s clear that we do, but why? Is it just that we all packed camp clothes from the same three stores? Do we just love the Twin Day frame? Did we promise our families that we’d get in every possible photo gallery? Did we abandon our uniqueness and conform to the norm?

Maybe we love Twin Day because it comes at the very end of a summer at Appel Farm. Maybe when you’ve spent a few weeks with people who love you for exactly who you are, you love them right back. Maybe you love your camp friends, and through that friendship, you start to see yourself in them, and you celebrate all that empathy with a photo. Maybe you are so confident in yourself and your friends that you say, “Look! We are the same, and we love each other!” And maybe that connection, that twinness, that sameness gives you a push on your way to becoming your own best self…nice.

Let’s take a look back at all of our twins, and spend some time celebrating our uniqueness today! Appel Farm for Life!