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#TBT To Living in a Bubble

#TBT To Living in a Bubble

Is Appel Farm a bubble, or do we just like blowing them?

by Jennie Quinn

Every summer, we have workshops that teach us how to create gigantic bubbles that an entire camper can fit inside! We get bubbles in care packages from home, and blow bubbles with our bunkmates outside North! We add bubbles to impromptu slip ‘n’ slide camp water park days when there’s a heat wave! Our staff blows bubbles to welcome our campers on Check-In Day! They are kind of a free time favorite at Appel Farm Arts Camp. We just like them.

While looking through hundred of camp photos, I noticed so many photos of bubbles… Each photo made me think of how fun camp is, and how cute our campers are, and how pretty bubbles are, but it also made me think that sometimes camp seems like a bubble. How many times have you heard that? What does that mean?

I was thinking that it means that what happens at camp, stays at camp, but that can’t be true… When you break out of your shell, and try something new, and gain confidence, and develop as an artist, and make friends at Appel Farm, you get to take that home with you!

Does it mean that Appel Farm is safe, with a protective shield around our precious community? I like that better. We want our campers to thrive, to learn, to ignite their creativity, kindness, and confidence. All of this personal growth can only happen when they feel safe, emotionally and physically, and that’s one of our core values. Those staff, blowing bubbles on Check-In Day, and teaching gigantic bubble making workshops, and having the absolute most creative heat wave ideas are keeping our children safe. They are helping each camper to experience personal growth, and become a contributing member of our joyful, inclusive community… And they are making sure that every camper is having fun.

So, when someone says that camp is like living in a bubble, let’s agree with them! Life in the Appel Farm bubble sounds good to me: Safety, Personal Growth, Community, and Fun. Sign me up.