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#TBT To Every Time We Answered This Question…

#TBT To Every Time We Answered This Question…

What is art?

Campers at Appel Farm use their wild imaginations, ignited every summer at camp, to find new ways to answer this age-old question. Last summer, campers spent the entire session working to answer this question in a really cool class (called What is Art, by the way) and you can see their incredibly creative and messy results in the gallery below. What you can’t see in the photo is the learning that lead to their final show, learning about Tehching Hsieh, and other artists who have pushed the boundaries of what we all consider when we answer this question, learning what art is to each of us.

We study the classics in Theatre and Music, Painting and Ceramics, Photography and Video…and we also like to change things up, and see where our imaginations take us. We throw pottery with our feet, we wear our sculptures in a garden art show, we dance on horseback, and we vogue!

Scroll through these photos we pulled to highlight some of our most creative classes! Choreography, Art for Social Change, Glass Art, Devised Theatre, Physical Comedy, Synchronized Swimming, and more!