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#TBT To Absolute Shenanigans!

#TBT To Absolute Shenanigans!

Silly and High-Spirited? Sounds like Appel Farm Arts Camp!

by Jennie Quinn

As Camp Director for 15 years, I was responsible for our Camp Rules… That doesn’t sound fun, I’m sure, but at Appel Farm we only have the rules that we absolutely need, and not one more. We also change the rules when we learn that we should, sometimes from our campers, who know that they can talk to us when they have new ideas about our rules. So, being in charge of the rules is just about keeping everyone safe and sound, while still letting our silly and high-spirited, wildly creative, and sometimes mischievous community get up to some shenanigans!

We run screaming across camp when we see our friends on Check-In Day! We howl at the full moon! We dress up, we play, we laugh, and we have fun! There’s a freedom at Appel Farm Arts Camp that starts with being celebrated for exactly who it is that you are, and quickly turns into this: