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#TBT to All the Times We Filled the Fields with Music

#TBT to All the Times We Filled the Fields with Music

Forget the hills… The fields of Elmer are alive with music!

When you spend the summer at Appel Farm Arts Camp, and you are finally surrounded by people who love what you love, and you get to spend all of your time doing what you love, and the sun is shining, and air is fresh, and the grass is green, and the trees are shady in the best possible way, you grab your ax and your bandmates and you take your music to the fields!

Visiting camp on any given day, you can hear a beginning guitar lesson, a marching band, a couple of flutes, or an impromptu trio. Sometimes you can hear an entire rock concert from miles away! In the very early morning each Fourth of July, you might even hear a very loud camp tradition…but that’s a secret.

Playing the guitar while sitting in a tree, performing at an Acoustic Campfire, jamming with your friends on the tractor, and whipping your violin out while golf carting around camp (Albert!) all hint at one of the best things about Appel Farm. We spend our summer exploring the arts while getting all the benefits of an overnight summer camp! Sure, we trade Golfball for Color War, and our most competitive activity is Bunk Clean-Up, but we all know how great it feels to join our traditional camp friends in enjoying all of what nature has to offer!