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#TBT – Throwback Thursday Blog – Dressing up Through the Years

At home through the year, there are occasional celebrations where you may dress up in a silly costume.  Halloween, a costume party, or maybe pajama day at school.  There’s usually a reason to dress up when you do, a purpose for the silly behavior, and surrounding you are others joining in the fun.  At Appel Farm Arts Camp, we need no reason. We dress up in silly costumes everyday.  Some days just a few who want to make others smile and laugh and some days all of us, just to have fun and be spontaneous.  We dress up and are silly at camp everyday to celebrate life, laughter, happiness, the ability to make our own choices while we are away from Mom and Dad!  Through the years, it always has always been this way and something that we hope never changes.  Check out some of our silliest moments captured on film through the years:







Send us some of your best dressing up at Appel Farm moments caught on film and we’ll share them!  Email  See ya next week for our #tidbittuesday blog.