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#TBT to Staff Making Fools of Them…er…Ourselves—by Ben Fink

#TBT to Staff Making Fools of Them…er…Ourselves—by Ben Fink

If you were here between 2008 and 2010, maybe you remember this guy?

That’s Uncle Fungus, homegrown Appel Farm rapper extraordinaire.  Otherwise known as Jim, former Hill counselor and Head of Video and an all-around great guy.  Jim is one of many, many Appel Farm counselors who — in addition to being a mature mentor and professional artist and teacher — routinely takes to the stage to perform in staff concerts.  At Appel Farm, we encourage our campers to get up and perform, take risks, and maybe even look a little silly, and our staff is happy to lead by example!

Of course, our staff is incredibly talented at what they do and teach — and sometimes they show off this talent.  Here are Jane and Sam from last summer, demonstrating exactly why they were our theater movement specialists…

…but just as often, staff will go way outside their comfort (and training) zones and do something wild.  Also from 2008:  a rock band called WWPOW (We Wear Pink On Wednesdays–remember their buttons?), composed of a ceramicist, a theater technician, a theater director, and a flutist.  At the time of performance, they had been playing their instruments for about…a week.  And, actually, they’re pretty darn good!  Enjoy…

Happy Thursday everyone.