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#‎TBT to Spur of the Moment, Spontaneous, Impromptu Fun

#‎TBT to Spur of the Moment, Spontaneous, Impromptu Fun

There is always something fun and interesting happening at Appel Farm Arts Camp, in each Major and Minor, Free Time, Bunk Activity, Scavenger Hunt, Friday Night Concert… Plastic Cup CapsA lot of the fun is carefully planned and designed the way in advance, but we also love the spur of the moment, spontaneous, impromptu fun that takes over the whole camp!

It happens every summer, and it’s no wonder. What else would you get if you put a couple hundred interesting and exciting people together in a nurturing and supportive environment, engage them in the most creative of pursuits, and give them lots of free time? Right? You would totally get these guys, with these head decorations.

You could not avoid the occasional impromptu trio or dance party at the Hill.

JammingDancing At Hill

The cutest of all the campers would definitely ask you to join the first ever Appel Farm Cheerleaders, and you would have to say yes when they write a cheer for Albert Appel! One of the most creative and fun counselors of all time would probably make an Appel costume, too. So cool!

CheerleadersMerrill Apple

You could always count on a few of the undead to show up… And their much less creepy friends, the fairies!


 Your campers would definitely get into the hay. And the shaving cream.

Playing in HayShaving Cream Pals

 Shaving Cream Fight

And you might just get a really cool group of teenagers to form a quick fan club. Nicole Atkins, anyone?

The Gang