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#TBT Poem: Dear Old Appel Farm

#TBT Poem: Dear Old Appel Farm

An Appel Farm poem found in the archives written sometime in the 1960’s.

The author is unknown, but we would like to know!  Enjoy this week’s edition of #throwback Thursday.

Green – leaves of trees – and spacious fields
Clear blue skies – reflect the charm
That everybody always feels
At dear old Appel Farm
Sweet sweet sounds of a symphony
Echoing through the old art barn
Reflect the constant harmony
Of dear old Appel Farm
Campfires, games, and laughter
Moments we won’t forget
Memories forever captured in our heart we’ll never part
Sad is the day we have to leave
But all our souls walk arm and arm
Forever through the spacious fields
Of dear old Appel Farm