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#TBT to Piggybacking Around Camp

#TBT to Piggybacking Around Camp

Appel Farm is a great place for hugs and getting a thumbs up, and it turns out it’s just likely your camp friends will carry you on their backs…literally. Figuratively, too, which is important. Your camp friends will get to know you quickly, and just when you are missing your family, or struggling to stay confident in challenging major, or cannot take one more rainy day…

Camp friends will pick you up. They will remind you that you have a family at camp, too, that you are strong and talented, and then take you outside to the rainy day slip and slide — no hose necessary! And they will literally pick you up and carry you if that’s what you need.

Let’s throwback to all our camp friends, and reach out to them and make sure they know we’ve got their back…

Check our Facebook to see how many of us got a piggy back at Appel Farm Arts Camp!