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#TBT to Mysterious Photos in the Appel Farm Archives

#TBT to Mysterious Photos in the Appel Farm Archives

Searching through the archives, some camp photos are instantly recognizable. It doesn’t matter if it was the 80s, 90s, or 00s. You are right there with camp friends, arms around each other, having fun… But then you see a photo that must have some explanation, but what is it? And who can explain what in the world was happening at Appel Farm that moment in time? Who is that bunny, and is he good or evil? Why are those campers on those poles? Stranded up there to get them to read? And how did that fancy deer end up at Appel Farm, and how does that boy really feel about it? Maybe we should find out. Maybe we should get creative with our own explanations. Maybe we should just chalk it up to… “Well, that’s just Appel Farm.”

Appel Farm Campers in the 80sBunny at Appel Farm in the 70s

Appel Farm Campers in the 90s

Appel Farm Campers in the 00s


Join Us!

Camp Kick-Off Prep Day

Visit us down in Elmer, spend a beautiful June day helping us get the grounds ready for camp, and spend the evening hanging out with alumni friends old and new!

  • Sunday, June 5th

An Evening with Friends of Appel Farm

We would like to invite allof our Alumni, funders, volunteers, and Board Members for An Evening with Friends of Appel Farm. We’ll be gathering for a wine and cheese social in our Theater Gallery to catch up on all of our memories of Appel Farm, and then joining the audience of the long standing tradition…our Friday Night Concert!

  • Friday, July 15th
  • Friday, August 12th

Spread the Word!

Introducing our Appel Farm Alumni Ambassador program. We can’t stop talking about our love for Appel Farm, and we know you feel the same! We are organizing some of our most enthusiastic alumni to help us spread the word about Appel Farm Arts Camp to all  the corners of the globe.

If you are interested in joining our Alumni Ambassador program, email Cara at to get started!