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#TBT to The First Time We Met These Grown Ups

#TBT to The First Time We Met These Grown Ups

We are so excited to see which of our former CITs will join our staff this summer as Camp Interns! While we wait for the applications to roll in, we are taking a walk down memory lane to share with you all the first time we met these grown ups! That’s right: grown ups, adults, too old to be campers. How did this happen?

2006 & 2007

We met Josh way back in 2006, and we met Stevie in 2007. Between these two Appel Farmers, they spent 23 sessions at camp, and 7 in good old Bunk 15! Here’s Stevie, captured by Sarv’s camera in 2007, playing in the field in front of South. That’s Josh in front of Bunk 15 with his buddies, all of whom we also adore!


Camp 2008 was the year we first met Zach, Ben, Rachel, Victoria, Kathryn, Kelly, Chris, and Tommy. Zach and Tommy were really great Camp Interns last summer, and we can’t wait to get the rest of you back to Appel Farm!

Check out these old photos: Rachel and her messy table partners, Ben with his glow stick, Kathryn in motion, and Kelly celebrating Reverse Day. More first Bunk photos with Tommy and Zach. We had to find a picture of Tommy with his twin Kyle becuase we cannot tell them apart! Not even Tommy is always sure which one he is! Chris and Victoria round out this group.


Austin, Nicole, Laura, Kat, and Olivia all came to Appel Farm for the first time in 2009! Laura and Olivia were CITs this past summer, and it’s so fun to see these photos of their first year at camp with their own CIT Big Sisters.


This is the year we met Alexis, Victoria, Edith, Sal, Ashley, and Lauren. In 2010, we were still singing songs from Wicked, which opened on Broadyway in 2003, and we night still be signing them in 2020! Here’s Victoria as Elphaba. Sal was a Camp Intern last summer, and can telly ou all what a great experience it is!


Nora, Summer, Skylar, and Cassie joined the Appel Farm family in 2011. This was a summer when we offered Stage Makeup and Special Effects, the class that scares camp parents and Camp Directors on a regular basis! But campers also relaxed with friends in the fields, with homemade crowns like the queens of Appel Farm…


Camp 2012 was the first year for Alex, Tristen, Rachel, Jermaine, Lucie, Monica, and Paige. Monica was already a rock star her first summer, and Paige found her twin!


Alex, Margaret, Sam, Shanyne, Ashlee, Ana, Sarah, Zimere, Nicki, and Lauren’s first summer was 2013, and some of them started as CITs. We have always loved this photo of our CITs getting to know each other at the start of camp!


This was the first summer we met Earyel, Nicholas, Joshua, Jason, Emily, Melissa, Thai, and Diana! Thai came back last summer to teach music as a Camp Intern, now it’s everyone else’s turn!


And last but not least, here’s Jeff, a new camper last summer who only had one year to learn to love Appel Farm as a camper before moving on to bigger and better things…maybe a Camp Intern! This photo shows Jeff showcasing his CIT project, a song he arranged for the chorus.