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#TBT To Every Time We Did Not Say Cheese

#TBT To Every Time We Did Not Say Cheese

Shiny happy people holding hands?

Ever since we started taking hundreds of camp photos every day, and even before, back in the disposable camera days, and even before… Shiny happy campers holding hands have posed for the perfect camp photo. Photos that show that they are happy and having fun, making friends and making art, the perfect “say cheese” camp moment. But, then there are these photos…all the times we did not say cheese.

Your mom did not frame this photo for her desk…

We are sure your mom loves you because she sent you to Appel Farm, but this photo? On her desk? Come on, say cheese next time!

Your grandma did not order this funny face on a mug…

She loves Snapfish, and has your face on no fewer than 10 mugs, but this one did not make it into her cabinet! If you play your cards right, your gorgeous smile will be the feature of tea time at grandma’s for years to come!

These faces did not save your screen.

While you were away at camp, it always helped if family and friends set you up as their screensaver, but whoa, not with these funny faces! So, they never prevented phosphor burn-in on their computers, but it’s ok, that technology is out of date! We know that because Art + Tech is a core program at Camp!

This silliness was not Insta-Worthy!

Going viral? Not with this one, but we love this funny face anyway!

You were not featured on Appel Farm’s new banner.

Finding the right camp for you child is an important decision, and we go out in the community helping families figure out if Appel Farm is a good match for their creative kids! We didn’t use this photo on our banner, but maybe we should! We’d let everyone know that even the funniest of faces is OK at Appel Farm, where everyone is celebrated for exactly who it is that they are!

Your grandpa does not proudly pull this photo out of his wallet at pickle ball…

Your grandpa loves you! He came to every single Camp Performance, couldn’t stop hugging you on Visiting Day, and sent you letters every day… He always tells his pickle ball friends all about your experience at Appel Farm, but he did not show them this photo.

Painting majors did not turn you into our newest mural.

Appel Farm is in Salem County, New Jersey, surrounded by farms and fields, cows and donkey, and a couple of mini horses! How does everyone know that Appel Farm is actually an arts camp? The first hint is Beauty and the Beast, and then they see all of our amazing murals! These ridiculous cuties were not likely to end up on the side of a building, though, not with these funny faces!

This was not the most downloaded photo on Camp In Touch.

Sure, your parents checked their Camp In Touch accounts three times a day, looking for photos of you igniting your creativity, kindness, and confidence! They cherished every single photo of you they spotted, and slept a little easier knowing you were safe and happy and learning and growing. Except this one…yowza!

Your great aunt did not blow this photo up to hang over her fireplace.

She’s eccentric, she loves you and your quirks, and she is usually up for your most creative antics. Remember, she’s the one who told you about Appel Farm in the first place! She came to camp way back in the 60s, when Al and Clare first started camp! But she drew the line with photo… Next time, she hopes you at least say cheese!

This did not make it into your camp scrapbook…

You collected photos, playbills, warm fuzzies, and every scrap of camp memories for your camp scrapbook. You crafted and pasted and glittered and glued until you have the perfect keepsake to help you remember your summer at Appel Farm, maybe if you had only said cheese, but no, this photo did not make it into the scrapbook!

This photo is not proudly featured on the fridge.

Photos, reminders, shopping lists, all stuck on the fridge with magnets your daughter ordered from Snapfish… You stick everything on the fridge! This photo is just too much, though, too ridiculous!

You and your BFF do not have matching BFF lockets with these funny faces…

Making friends is easy at Appel Farm, and learning to be a good friend is one of our goals for every camper! Friendships we form in fireside chats, all-ins, in the Art Barn and in the darkrooms, on stage and on busses, are the friendships we will last through our camp years, college, first jobs, and forever. Eventually, some of those camp memories will fade, and you will pull out your BFF locket to see your best friend forever, but this photo won’t be in it!

This one totally made it into an ad for Appel Farm Arts Camp! Whoa, wait, what?!?!

This whole blog is ridiculous. Of course we love all your funny faces. In fact, we’ve been collecting these photos for years, just waiting until we had enough of them to show the world how silly and fun and outrageous and unique and impish we all are at Appel Farm. At Appel Farm, we celebrate each and every one of us for exactly who it is that we are. 

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