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#TBT to Climbing Trees at Appel Farm

#TBT to Climbing Trees at Appel Farm

When is the last time you climbed a tree? Climbed a tree with your best friend, whispering camp secrets? Climbed up to the perfect branch with your guitar¬†play a song? Climbed to the right height for picking, and maybe eating, crab apples?Climbed into a tree with your entire bunk for the quintessential North bunk photo? Climbed to the top to sit and think, away from the crowds at a picnic table below? Hung off a lower branch, upside down, swinging away, making monkey sounds? C’mon, we know some of you did this!

Climbing trees at Appel Farm is one of the things we can hold onto — really remember what it felt like to be a camper, carefree and happy, at summer camp. If you have a tree where you live now, think about climbing it. Or come back to camp, our trees are here waiting for you…

Click here to see a bunch of Appel Farmer’s climbing trees.