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#TBT to Anything but Picnics on Green Picnic Tables

#TBT to Anything but Picnics on Green Picnic Tables

At some point in the past 55 years, a genius put picnic tables in front of the bunks at Appel Farm Arts Camp. Then another genius painted them all green. Then a group of geniuses memorialized them in the Appel Farm Song.

But should we even call them picnic tables? Has anyone ever had a picnic on them?

We have sat and played 1000 blank white cards, magic, RPG Mao, and countless card games. We have piled on with our friends and laughed and braided friendship bracelets. We have gathered around a guitar player and sang our hearts out. We have chosen one of Sarv’s crystals and waited breathlessly for him to tell us what he could see. Nail painting station? Sure thing! Great place for a deep conversation? We think so.

So who cares about a picnic? Just give us our free time, some sunshine, great friends, and our green picnic tables!

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