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#TBT An Appel Farm Arts Camp Countdown

#TBT An Appel Farm Arts Camp Countdown

If you are an Appel Farmer, you know that the camp countdown starts, about a year out, on your way home from camp…

Time flies during camp (unless we’re all-in) and somehow we blink and we are clearing our cubbies, hugging our friends, and saying goodbye. That’s the moment we start dreaming of another summer at Appel Farm, counting down the days… But to what, exactly, are we counting down? This Throwback Thursday, 123 days until the start of Camp 2018, we offer you this special Appel Farm Camp Countdown.

10 Friends at the Dinner Dance

Finding the funniest way to order PB&J, laughing over exploding butter chicken, and feeling as transformed as the streamered, ballooned, fairy-lit Dining Hall… This is how so many of us remember the Dinner Dance.

9 Residents of South Bunk 15

They love bunk 15 and so do we. These Joshes, cousins, little brothers, 2nd generation campers, and Department Heads spent a total of 51 years at Appel Farm, and it all started right here in Bunk 15.

8 Vocal Studio Minors

We catch our singers, bunny eared, taking a break from singing their hearts out! These singers and all of our musicians steal our hearts at Friday Night Concerts, Rock, Shows, and Music Concerts all summer at Appel Farm!

7 Joyfully Creative Video Majors

Brainstorming session! Next stop: script writing and storyboarding! Then, onto acting, shooting, directing and finishing up with post-production and editing… These campers are putting their heads together to make a movie.

6 Impromptu Dance Partiers

Appel Farm campers have been known to break into dance for any or no reason at all! Too quiet in the Art Barn? Dance Party! On your way to majors? Dance Party! Free time in front of North with your besties? Dance Party!

5 Mates from All Over Camp and Across the Country

Connect with people who’s lives outside of camp are very different from yours, but who share your interests and are eager to make friends. Connect with bunkmates, castmates, tablemates, and maybe even your soulmate!

4 Bunkmates with Bunk Spirit

How quickly can your whole bunk decide on a theme, search your cubbies, and get everyone in a matching pink t-shirt to show that your bunk has bunk spirit? You’ve got the 15 minutes between dinner and the Scavenger Hunt!

3 Legends

Kojo, Maggie, and Moustapha are Appel Farm legends, woven into the lives of so many alumni who attended Kojo’s workshops, sat with Maggie at her beading table, and saw themselves through Moustapha’s lens…

2 Dancers

Dancers at Appel Farm have the unique opportunity to choreograph their own solos and duos while learning from their talented instructors. Joyful creation at the center of all of our learning!


1 Person Who has Been Here from the Beginning…

Albert and Clare started Appel Farm back in 1960, and this is how Albert talked about this amazing camp, from the very beginning. “We instill a sense of personal caring, strength and power in the people in our community. We want our people to organize themselves and others, to be assertive and compassionate. They are responsible for change in themselves ad making the world the way they want it to be. We make whole people who care for each other, feel good about themselves, and if they acquire lots of skills they can use for the rest of their lives, that’s good, too.” – Albert Appel