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#TBT to All the Times We Went Berry Picking

#TBT to All the Times We Went Berry Picking

If you were an Appel Farm Southie or CIT in recent years – how far back we are not quite sure – you went berry picking at Mood’s Farm Market! It was the first trip of the summer! It was the first time you packed into a yellow school bus with your camp friends! It was a nice, sunny day – hopefully – and so fun to be outside in the fresh air!

You probably ate a few blueberries, blackberries, or raspberries, depending on your session, and brought the rest back to Appel Farm. We always needed to pick enough for Sarv’s Greatest-Muffin-In-The-World recipe, so each camper had a paper cup to fill.

Apparently, some of you filled your hats instead!

Southies bonded with their new CIT Big Sisters and Brothers.

They also had fun with their brand new friends and bunkmates, and learned that Sarv is the most fun! It was always a no-brainer that most of you attended Sarv’s Greatest-Muffin-In-The-World Worksop that Sunday. After all, it’s about that time each session our campers will do anything for sweets!

We love that there was always a talented photographer on this trip! Sarv, Josh Frisch, Andrew Giles, and Nate Eder just to name a few!

Here are some of their best photos from our trips to Mood’s Farm.

We miss you all! Catch you in 2016!!