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Talking About Traditions

Green Picnic Tables! Friday Night Concerts!

Appel Farm is always looking forward to creating and innovating. But sometimes it’s fun to look back at the traditions that bring us all together. Let’s take a break to remember some of the silly things we do and have done for years.

Friday Night Concerts

Perhaps the most well known tradition at Appel Farm! Every Friday night, the camp is treated to the unique acts of our camp. These freestyle lineups can feature anything from singing, to gymnastics, to monologues or spoken-word poetry. Performers can use the stage however they need to in order to show off their talent and  their journey, including solo performances, group acts, or musical accompaniment. There’s just one rule: it’s all about the campers!


Most camps have  a campus-wide system for announcing events or classes. At Appel Farm, our way of doing it is a little bit unique. When it’s time for the entire camp to come together for meals, majors, minors, concerts, or shows, one person takes on the honor of standing between the North bunks and the Gaga pit and shouting the announcement as loud as they can.  Ben, Jeremy, and Sarvananda have all worn the mantle of ‘Town Crier” in order to put those booming voices to good use and, believe me, do they ever!



Start wearing purple for me, now

This last isn’t quite old enough to be called a solid “tradition” yet, but we certainly heard echoes of it throughout the summer of 2015! It began with an energetic performance by Boris Lemeshev of Gogol Bordello’s “Start Wearing Purple” in session one and exploded in new renditions from dozens of campers. The unique song really struck a chord with our campers last summer and whether they carry it into the next is entirely up to them!

Shaving cream on the lawn

At the end of the session, everyone’s ready to cut loose and let out some nervous energy before performances. What better way to vent tension then by hurling globs of goop at your friends? Campers and staff arm themselves with full cans of shaving cream and cover each other in a fresh scented glop. The best part? In only takes a couple seconds in the shower to get completely clean! Now that’s what I call “getting creamed”.