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Super Saturday and Showcase Update!

Saturday was another wonderful day! Our sunny day streak continued as campers played in the sunshine. The one thing on everyone’s minds – tonight’s Dinner Dance: “A Night at the Appies”. The Dinner Dance has an award show theme, complete with golden statue decor. Campers will get dressed up for dinner and a dance, while staff will dress up as celebrities, security guards,paparazzi, and all sorts of other characters within the theme. There will be a live band playing music throughout dinner, while the rest of the counselors serve as waitstaff, serving up every camper’s wildest orders!
Still buzzing from an amazing Friday Night concert, campers have already turned their attention to Sunday night’s Camper Counselor concert, working on a variety of pieces to perform with their counselors. Speaking of performances, make sure to read this important information about next week’s showcases and performances!
Session 2 Camper Families,
You’re Invited to our Session 2 Showcases next week!
Monday, July 16th
7:30 PM  CIT Showcase (for CIT parents only)
Wednesday, July 18th
7:30 PM    There’s Snow Place Like Home @ Theatre
Thursday, July 19th
5:15 PM    Minor Showcase @ Theatre
7:30 PM    Urinetown @ Theatre
Friday, July 20th
11:15 AM   Art + Technology Show @ Theatre
                  Sports & Swim Video Feature @ Theatre
12:30 PM  Lunch
                 (ONLY for families with campers in the 11:15 & 1:30 shows)
1:30 PM    25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee @ Theatre
2:45 PM    Visual Art & Photo Show @ Art Gallery
4:00 PM    Dance Show @ Theatre
5:15 PM    Rock Show @ The Grove Stage
6:30 PM    DINNER @ Dining Hall
                 (ONLY for families with campers in a pre-dinner show & the Music Concert)
7:30 PM    Music Concert @ Theater
Our theater seats about 325 people, and we already have 300+ people here with our campers and staff. We are anticipating a very full theater with all of our campers, counselors and guests. We ask that you limit the number of guests you are bringing to 2 people per camper, if possible. We will have video footage available after camp that you can share with friends and family!
Plan to arrive only ten minutes early, because your children will need every last minute for technical rehearsals.
Please only attend the parts of the showcase in which your child is performing. If your child is performing in multiple parts, then you are invited to stay for the entire day. Please take careful note of the instructions above one lunch and dinner. Our kitchen will need to prepare for additional guests, so if you would like to stay for a meal based on your camper’s performances, we need you to let us know via email reply no later than Tuesday, July 17.
We understand that many of you will want to visit with your camper before or after their show, but please keep in mind you will likely see them the next morning either for Check-Out or Visiting Day, and will have lots of time to visit then.
Campers are not allowed to leave camp for dinner or after the performances.  Every minute of camp time is precious and we want your child to have all of it they can! The last night of camp is filled with special rituals and traditions that we don’t want your child to miss out on.
Please R.S.V.P. if you are planning to attend the show by emailing us at Include the following information:
*Your camper’s name
*The # of people in your party (Parents/Guardians/Siblings)
*Which shows you are attending
*How many for dinner (only for families who need to stay)
Monday, July 16th
7:30 PM    CIT Showcase @ Theatre (60 minutes)
Featuring: Max Cohen, Ariana Corsey, Laurence Corsey, Gia Frattaroli, Zander Henderson, Willa Marshall, Wendy Munch Carillo, Michael Murden, Rayner Perez, Prachi Ruina, Anna Stribrny, LeeAndrea Tello, Aden Van Hollander, Judah Weekes, Benjamin White
Wednesday, July 18th
7:30 PM    There’s Snow Place Like Home @ Theatre (60 minutes)
Performers: Amy Chaplin-Loebell, Eva Greenberg, Lily Jensen, Tyler Kaplan, Alycia Kaufman, Frankie Kaye, Franky Lockenour, Bernie Mattson, David McRae, Georgia Morris, Gabby Pollack, Jonica Prince, Chloe Tevere, Thea Zimmerman
Technicians & Designers: Chastity Anderson, Addison Aquilino, Jocelyn Aquilino, Julia Colen, Sydney Colen, Donni Denham, Zamira Frost, Annabella Gollotto, Lauren Kaye, Evelyn Monsalud, Sasha Munroe, Abigail Pena Cornelio, Hannah Smith, Mae Sokol, Ava Summers
Thursday, July 19th
5:15 PM    Minor Showcase @ Theatre (60 minutes)
Performers: Robert Betts Cope, Caroline Bovi, Ava Buranelli, Katelyn Garcia, Maximiliano Garcia Rivas, Balé Garret, Ilana Goldman, Annabella Gollotto , Taniya Harrison, Damesha Jackson, Veronica James, Kjersten Kleinshmidt, Ava Monroe, Sasha Munroe, Calvin Mustokoff, Abigail Pena, Rayner Perez, Edwin Pineda, Kennent Pineda, Alexander Pollard, Jeremy Raden, Matthew Shuster, Abby Smith, Hannah Smith, Renée Sparrow, Isaiah Weekes, Lila Woodring, Mira Young, Kyle Young-Alston
7:30 PM    Urinetown @ Theatre (60 minutes)
Performers: Molly Branch, Destiny David, Sarah Fichter, Rebecca Graber, Olivia Haney, Ali Impomeni, Veronica James, Lily Jensen, Alex Kesselhaut, Jahnae Lemons, Gretchen Lutz, Sarina Nadelson, Stella Neff, Abby Smith, Maddie Spanhook, Benjamin White, Lila Woodring
Technicians & Designers: Benjamin Ainslie, Lailah Berry, Kelsie Cavileer, Kaneeyah Coles, Mia Fenyak, Laila Gallo, Annabella Gollotto, Ali Impomeni , Lauren Kaye, Evelyn Monsalud, Stella Neff, Alexander Pollard, Avril Roberts, Abigail Saxe, Gwen Wilson, Journey Young
Friday, July 20th
11:15 AM    Art + Technology Show @ Theater (40 minutes)
Video: Julia Colen, Levi Diamond, Sam Dorbin, Bale Garrett, Nalo Garrett, Khamari Johnson, Samantha Morales Federman, Georgia Morris, Anya Richards, Camila Rocha, Matthew Shuster, Kyle Young­ Ashton
Recording Arts: Benjamin Ainslie, Max Cohen, Robert Betts Cope, Sam Dorbin, Daniel Gala, Rebecca Graber, Tate Jensen, Chloe Koren, Shanti Santiago­ Fey, Matthew Shuster, Solomon Stone, Aden Van Hollander, Isaiah Weekes
Robotics: Solomon Coleman, Ryan Monroe, Kennant Pineda
Sports & Swim Video Feature @ Theater (5 minutes)
Featuring: Kyle Young-Alston, Kendall Anderson, Kenny Baldwin, Trinity Bargerhuff, Joseph Berrios, Molly Branch, Allison Clark, Kaneeyah Coles, Solomon Coleman, Ariana Corsey, Jeremiah Cuthbertson, Levi Diamond, Damesha Jackson, Dean Jost, Khamari Johnson, Alycia Kaufman, Josephine Kasenter, Kailey McMahon, David McRae, Ryan Monroe, Rayner Perez, Kennet Pineda, Gabriella Pollack, Leilani Rodriguez, Carlenys Santana Roman, Lily Rowan, Azad Shabazz-Henry, Blake Sheppard, Renee Sparrow, Matthew Shuster, Matthew Silvidio, Chloe Tevere, Camille Williams, Journey Young, Beixiang Zhang
1:30 PM 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (Abridged) @ Theater (30 minutes)
Performers: Ilana Goldman, Isaac Goldman, Taniya Harrison, Tate Jensen, Cordelia Lucid, Camila Rocha, Shanti Santiago-Fey, Abigail Saxe, Mira Young
Technicians & Designers: Chastity Anderson, Addison Aquilino, Lailah Berry, Ayla Bressler, Ava Buranelli, Sofia Carusone, Isabelle Ehrlich, Lucy Gilbertsen, Nia Glasco, Isaac Goldman, Khamari Johnson, Evelyn Monsalud, Sasha Munroe, Alexander Pollard, Lila Woodring
2:45 PM Visual Arts & Photography Show @ Art Gallery (60 minutes)
Visual Arts: Kendall Anderson, Addison Aquilino, Kenny Baldwin, Trinity Bargerhuff, Lilyanna Bickley, Jonathan Bierck, Ayla Bressler, Katie Brunetta, Katie Butler, Kelsie Cavileer, Amy Chaplin-Loebell, Allison Clark, Julia Colen, Sydney Colen, Laurence Corsey, Josanna Rae Crookston, Sky Davenport, Donni Denham, Levi Diamond, Jack Eldridge, Isabelle Erlich, Gia Frattaroli, Katelyn Garcia, Bale’ Garrett, Nalo Garrett, Chrystal Gayle, Lucy Gilbertsen, Isaac Goldman, Ilana Goldman, Eva Greenberg, Brooke Harper, Marysol Harter, Zander Henderson,  Lily Jensen, Ahron Lewis, Gretchen Lutz, Tate Jensen, Dean Jost, Jared Kaye, Josephine Kasenter, Kjersten Kleinschmidt, Chloe Koren, Samuel Leibowitz, Ahron Lewis, Francesca Lockenour, Kendall Lockhart, Mona Marshall, Bernadine Mattson, Mackenzie McCallum, Kailey McMahon, Katie McMahon, Ryan Monroe, Wendy Muncha Carillo, Michael Murdin, Sarina Nadelson, Jadyn Nahon, Abby Newell, Janet Ortega, Abigail Pena Cornelio, Rayner Perez, Uriel Perez, Kennent Pineda, Jonica Prince, Violet Randle, Anya Richards, Avril Roberts, Leilani Rodriguez, Lily Rowan, Prachi Ruina, Abigail Saxe, Johanna Schwachter, Hannah Scott, Ahad Shabazz-Henry,  Azad Shabazz-Henry, Blake Sheppard, Mathew Silvidio, Ruby Simon, Mae Sokol, Solomon Stone, Ella Spanhook, Ava Summers, LeeAndrea Tello, Chloe Tevere, Isabella Ulfelder, Prestina Walker, Judah Weekes, Camille Williams, Nasiriah Wilson-Chin
Photography: Lilyanna Bickley, Jonathan Bierck, Katie Brunetta, Allison Clark, Max Cohen, Laurence Corsey, Josanna Rae Crookston, Destiny David, Sky Davenport, Jack Eldridge, Lucy Farruggia, Mia Fenyak, Sarah Fichter, Daniel Gala, Rebecca Graber, Zander Henderson, Dean Jost, Alexandra Kesselhaut, Chloe Koren, Jahnae Lemons, Kendall Lockhart, David McRae, Ava Monroe, Evelyn Monsalud, Samantha Morales Federman, Janet Ortega, Edwin Pineda, Gabriella Pollack, Hayden Porter, Jonica Prince, Jeremy Raden, Ellie Reiner, Lily Rowan, Isabella Santone, Ahad Shabazz-Henry, Mae Sokol, Ella Spanhook, Madeline Spanhook, Anna Stribrny, LeeAndrea Tello, Chloe Tevere, Jordan Wallace, Camille Williams, Gwen Wilson, Nasiriah Wilson-Chin, Charlotte Ziccardi
4:00 PM   Dance Show @ Theatre (45 min.)
Performers: Kendall Anderson, Trinity Bargerhuff, Joseph Berrios, Caroline Bovi, Molly Branch, Ava Buranelli, Katie Butler, Sofia Carusone, Sydney Colen, Kaneeyah Coles, Ariana Corsey, Donni Denham, Lucy Farruggia, Zamira Frost, Taniya Harrison, Veronica James, Alycia Kaufman, Ava Kawamura, Alexandra Kesselhaut, Samuel Leibowitz, Kendall Lockhart, Mona Marshall, Mackenzie McCallum, Evelyn Monsalud, Georgia Morris, Wendy Muncha Carillo, Sasha Munroe, Jadyn Nahon, Stella Neff, Violet Randle, Leilani Rodriguez, Shanti Santiago- Fey, Isabella Santone, Anna Stribrny, Azad Shabazz- Henry, Matthew Silvido, Madeline Spanshook, Mira Young, Kyle Young- Alston, Charlotte Ziccardi, Dorothea Zimmerman
Technician: Evelyn Monsalud
5:15 PM    Rock Show @ The Grove Stage (45 min.)
Performers: Joseph Berrios, Robert Betts Cope, Kelsie Cavileer, Solomon Coleman, Josanna Rae Crookston, Jeremiah Cuthbertson, Sam Dorbin, Jack Eldridge, Daniel Gala, Annabella Golotto, Brooke Harper, Khamari Johnson, Jared Kaye, Ahron Lewis, Ruby Moser, Calvin Mustokoff, Uriel Perez, Ellie Reiner, Azad Shabazz-Henry, Matthew Silvidio, Solomon Stone, LeeAndrea Tello, Isabella Ulfelder, Jordan Wallace, Isaiah Weekes, Judah Weekes, Benjamin White, Camille Williams, Aden Van Hollander, Charlotte Ziccardi
7:30 PM    Music Concert @ Theater (75 minutes)
Performers: Addison Aquilino, Caroline Bovi, Kaneeyah Coles, Jeremiah Cuthbertson, Donni Denham, Gia Frattaroli, Laila Gallo, Maximiliano Garcias Rivas, Damesha Jackson, Dean Jost, Jared Kaye, Samuel Leibowitz, Ahron Lewis, Mackenzi McCallum, Ruby Moser, Calvin Mustokoff, Jadyn Nahon, Abigail Pena Cornelio, Uriel Perez, Jeremy Raden, Ellie Reiner, Lily Rowan, Prachi Ruina, Carlenys Santana Roman, Blake Sheppard, Renée Sparrow, Mae Sokol, Isaiah Weekes, Journey Young, Aleena Zhang, Beixiang Zhang
Technicians: Jocelyn Aquilino, Charlotte Bailey-Schwartz, Lailah Berry, Ava Monroe, Evelyn Monsalud, Alexander Pollard