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Stacey Riddinger and our Organic Garden

Ever wonder what happened to the colorful shutters that graced the girl’s half of North before it was re-built?  I know I did.

But true to Appel Farm’s Re-use, Re-new and Re-cycle philosophy, the shutters have re-cently re-appeared.  Check out our organic garden!  Stacey Riddinger, our gardener, (if only Stacey’s name was spelled with an Re and not an Ri!) has used them to create colorful eye-catching raised beds and accents around our garden. 


Stacey grew up in South Jersey and has a husband and 2 kids, ages 3 and 6.  She studied art (mostly photography) and education.  Her love of gardening dates back to her childhood, when she used to tag around with her grandfather who was an avid gardener.  He grew up in Tennessee of humble means and was very low key and old fashioned.  Stacey’s gardening style is similar to his: simple and down to earth.  She tries to avoid motorized equipment, herbicides and pesticides whenever possible.  She enjoys working by hand and is a perpetual student of gardening, always looking to learn – an essential trait when dealing with variable elements such as climate, plants and insects. 

In addition to the re-emergence of North’s shutters, there is a big difference in the layout of the garden this year.  Stacey has re-invented the garden, chopping it into small, interesting sections, making it more manageable and user friendly for our campers who will be helping out in the garden this summer.

In the spirit of most of our staff, Stacey is also a renaissance woman – she recently started a sewing club called “The Best Threads Club” and she does Tahitian dance to stay in shape.  Maybe she will do a dance workshop for us this summer based on this South Pacific islands’ form of dancing!