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Spread the Joy Around

Another day means another evening of performances here at Appel Farm Arts Camp!

Last night’s show, Xanadu, was a hit! The crowd was grooving along as Kira and Sonny glided around the roller disco. The shining lights, rocking tunes, and the mystical Xanadu had the crowd on their feet.

The performance was so thunderous that we accidentally summoned a real thunderstorm to camp! But, no worries; a little all-in never got the Appel Farm Arts campers down. To make the most of it, some of our campers had the opportunity to test out our new 360 camera on the stage. A dance was choreographed by one of our counselors in training and performed by our very own campers to show off our awesome new technology we have here! Be sure to check out the video on our Facebook page!