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Spotlight on Music, Dance, and Video


The Music program at Appel Farm is ensemble based. Campers choose to study a specific instrument as a major or minor:

  • violin, viola, cello, flute, clarinet, saxophone, oboe, trumpet, trombone, acoustic and electric guitar, electric bass, drum kit, piano, as well as voice and recording.

Once you know which instrument you want to study, you choose how you want to study, and what kind of music you want to play!

Major I classes are based on families of instruments like strings, winds and woodwinds, brass, guitars, as well as piano, voice and recording. In these classes, campers will study music theory and sight reading, take part in critiques and and learn to think and speak critically about music. They will develop an understanding of music with regard to historical, social, and cultural influences, traditions, and contributions of their particular area of study. They will also get one half-hour private lesson each week, and they will spend most of their time developing and practicing their technique, rehearsing, and performing as an ensemble.

  • Major I classes include : String Ensemble (violin, viola, cello), Wind & Woodwind Ensemble (flute, clarinet, saxophone, oboe), Brass Ensemble (trumpet, trombone), Percussion Ensemble, Rockestra (acoustic guitar and electric guitars, electric bass), Recording Arts Class, Piano Class, Vocal Studio

Major II classes are mixed ensembles, and are perfect for campers who want to play music in an ensemble. Campers and staff join together in the following classes to learn, rehearse and peform music.

  • Major II classes include : Elmer Pops, Rock Band, Piano Class, Vocal Studio

Past Music Minors, which vary every summer and reflect the unique strengths of current staff, have included Chamber Music, Funk Band, Singing/Songwriting, and Beginning Guitar.

Our ensembles play classical, jazz, rock, and pop music, as well as music from any genre in which a group of campers has an interest! Some summers we play anything from folk music to heavy metal, or from chamber music to klezmer.

Not sure what a Rockestra is? Click here to watch an awesome video of the Appel Farm Rockestra from Camp 2009!



Campers in the Dance program will work on technique, choreography, and strength training in process-centered classes balanced with rehearsal toward performances.

  • Major I classes include :Ballet
  • Major II classes include :Modern & Jazz

Past Dance Minors, which vary every summer and reflect the unique strengths of current staff, have included Choreography, Hip Hop, Pointe Ballet, Tap and Bollywood.


Our Video program is about story telling through the medium of digital video. Campers are working on short films: documentaries, comedies, dramas, Video campers experience every aspect of film production, including producing, screenwriting, directing, filming, and editing. Classes have an emphasis on process based learning through collaborative projects, and each camper plays a key role in producing a short film. Throughout the process, campers learn to use professional digital video equipment, and edit their videos with Final Cut Pro.

  • Major classes include : Video

Past Video Minors, which vary every summer and reflect the unique strengths of current staff, have included Green Screen Video, Animation, Silent Movie Making, and Music Videos.