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Splendid Saturday!

Hello families! We have had a great day today! We started our day with majors and minors, the campers were excited to be back in their major classes after missing a day for trips. All departments are busy learning new techniques and preparing for performance week. Visual arts has begun work on their first projects, which is exciting for both experienced and new campers. Music, theatre, and arts & technology are full swing into their performances and videos! We have had an great first week at camp, it’s incredible to see campers make new friends and share this experience.


Tonight, we have a fun activity called World Fair Campfire! This campfire is an opportunity for staff to have a booth and share an aspect of their culture. Popular booths in the past have includes teaching Spanish using telenovelas, “welly wagging” (an English game involving tossing rain boots), tea and poems, a “geek” table, Australian snack, and many more. The campers have a blast going booth to booth and trying new things, also we enjoy some s’mores!


Don’t forget to check out the photo gallery for all of the photos from this exciting first week of camp!