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Speed Dating

Falling in love in between majors, minors, and everything else…

How many Appel Farmers met the love of their lives at camp? In the past 15 years, at least Rachael and Jeremy Basescu, Jo and Mike Leibowitz, Jackie and Andy Havington, Issy and Jake CharrotGrinsdale, Loes and Eli Wing, Antea Roberts and Wesley Bogan, Joanna and Gabe Branch, Emily Rand and Seth Werlin… These counselors were so busy teaching and taking care of campers, it’s amazing they found time to flirt, let alone fall in love!

Maybe, despite the schedule of a camp counselor, immersing yourself in a caring, supportive environment that welcomes you, inspires and requires you to be your best self, and celebrates your passions, makes you pretty easy to love. Caring for children, teaching, and making art are all very attractive…and it can’t hurt that you are stuck in Elmer with 90 of your peers, either! We love our staff, and we get a kick out of how many of you love each other! Let’s get all these couples together for a love-in this September at the Appel Farm Alumni Reunion.

See this alumni story and more in the January 2015 issue of the Appel Core!

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