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Snowy Days


It happened this weekend. Snow. Lots of it! Now that its here lets get excited to turn it into something spectacular!


Andy Goldsworthy is a leader in the environmental art world. Environmental art is site specific and is meant to either enhance or become a part of an outdoor space. Here are some beautiful examples of Goldsworthy’s work that utilize snow.


Unlike a traditional sculptor or installation artist, Goldsworthy is unable to install his masterpieces in galleries. His work must be photographed to be shared with others, because like a true environmentalist his artwork returns to the earth after time. You can browse Andy Goldsworthy’s collection of work here:


While Goldsworthy’s art is mesmerizing and modern, it might not be the sort of thing you want to make in your front yard, or could enlist the help of your younger siblings with…
In that case, here are some fun snow sculptures you can create with your whole family!



Here are some tips and tricks for creating a snow sculpture of your own.




Please share the snow sculptures that you make with us! We would love to see them!!!