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A Snowstorm Worthy Book

“You can’t blend in, when you were born to stand out.”

What does the song Beautiful, by Christina Aguilera, Darth Sidious, Boba Fett, Natalie Merchant, War and Peace, and the bleeding scream mask all have in common? August Pullman.  I’ll explain.

As an intense snowstorm lurches towards camp, I was thinking that I’ll need a good book, and maybe some popcorn, if there is a chance of being snowed in for the weekend.  Then, I remembered that the last great book I read, would be perfect for our Thinking Thursday’s blog, and I just have to get the word out about this amazing camp perfect book!

You have to read Wonder by R.J. Palacio!

Wonder reminds readers of the courage and power of friendship. Much of this story is about a child’s brave journey to feel good in his own skin and the challenges of other kids to accept him. I wish August Pullman could come to Appel Farm Arts Camp, where kids say every summer, “This is a place where you can be who you want to be and everyone loves you for it!” Any age reader will appreciate the story and lessons to be learned from Auggie and his friends.

Winning many awards, Amazon also named it one of February’s best books! Take one minute to at least watch the trailer!  You’ll get goose bumps!

Watch the book’s trailer: Click HERE NOW!

Visit the author’s website for more information or check out the book on Facebook:

Do you know of other camp perfect books?  You know, those books that remind you of camp, or life lessons, or is just a great book to share with your camp friends?

Share your book ideas below, so we’ll have loads of books to choose from this summer!