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Showcases are Coming!

Tuesday brought us one of our favorite summer trips – Beach Day! Appel Farm campers descended upon Avalon, New Jersey armed with swimsuits, towels, and some cash from their canteen – ready to splash in the water, take in some sunshine, and buy as much as they could carry from the local ice cream shops, arcade, and Wawa. It’s always fun to take a trip off site with your camp friends, and we could tell that every camper had a full day of fun by how quickly lights went out in the bunks at bedtime. There’s nothing quite like a busy day at camp!

We cannot believe Session 1 has gone by so quickly! We sent information about the Session 1 showcase out in an email earlier this week, and want to share that important information again, here on the blog:

Session 1 Camper Families,
You’re Invited to our Session 1 Showcase, Friday, July 6th!
11:15   Art + Technology Show @ Theatre
Sports & Swim Video Feature @ Theatre
12:30  Lunch (ONLY for families with campers in the 11:15 & 1:30 shows)
1:30    2-Week Theatre Cabaret @ Theatre
2:45    Visual Art & Photo Show @ Art Gallery
4:00    Dance Show @ Theatre
5:15    Rock Show @ The Grove Stage
6:30    DINNER @ Dining Hall (ONLY for families with  campers in a pre-dinner show & the Music Concert)
7:30    Music Concert @ Theater

We ask that you limit the number of guests you are bringing to 2 people per camper, if possible. We will have video footage available after camp that you can share with friends and family! Plan to arrive only ten minutes early, because your children will need every last minute for technical rehearsals.

Please R.S.V.P. if you are planning to attend the show by e-mailing us at Include the following information:

*Your camper’s name
*The # of people in your party (Parents/Guardians/Siblings)
*Which shows you are attending
*How many for dinner (only for families who need to stay)


11:15    Art + Technology Show @ Theater (40 minutes)
Video: Jackson Barnette, Julia Colen, Sydney Colen, Hayden Porter, Ilana Propp, Logan Richie, Solomon Stone.
Recording Arts: Tate Jensen, Solomon Stone, Logan Richie.

Sports & Swim Video Feature @ Theater (5 minutes)
Featuring: Robert Bierck, Michael Boateng, Holly Grace Bullen, Anna Cole, Kevin Cole, Kayl Dreckman, Trenton Fischer, Alexis Gooch, Rosario Gutierrez, Alexis Guzman, Dahlya Martinez, Michael Martinez, Zaire Reid, Logan Richie, Samantha Stec, Timora Simmons, Timothy Simmons, Morrison Waite, Samuel Wong, Beixiang Zhang.

1:30    2-Week Cabaret @ Theater (30 minutes)
Featuring: Joseph Berrios, Kendall Davis-Swing, Amanda Delbury, Alexis Gooch, Marina Morris, Abigail Santone, Matthew Shuster, Samanatha Stec.
Technicians & Designers: Benjamin Ainslie, Michael Boateng, Anna Cole, Julia Colen, Zora Dancy, Amanda Delbury, Donni Denham, DaQuan Dennis, Carl Gombert, Alexis Gooch, Rosario Gutierrez, Ava Iezzi, Ali Impomeni, Benjamin Johnson, Grace Jost, Evelyn Monsalud, Marina Morris, Alexandra Ortega, Logan Richie, Avril Roberts, Abigail Santone, Liliana Short, Abigail Smith, Hannah Smith, MeLeah Steur, Toni Tomlinson, Charlotte Ziccardi

2:45    Visual Arts & Photography Show @ Art Gallery (60 minutes)
Visual Arts: Audrey Boyd, Carl Gombert, Lexi McBrayer, Ava Iezzi, Grave Jost, Garrett MacMaster, Luke Parsells, MyKayla Shearin-Howard, MeLeah Steur, Holly Grace, Callile Mahoney, Michael Martinez, Kayl Dreckman, Logan Richie, Toni Tomlinson, Isabelle Erlich, Robert Bierck, Jalah Green, Alexis Guzman, Dahlya Martinez, Timora Simmons, Timothy Simmons, Benjamin Johnson, Lexi McBrayer, Seth Scutt, Abigail Newell, Kevin Cole, Leo McGuire, Emma Skillman, Samuel Wong, Katie Brunetta, Hanah Smith, Trenton Fisher
Photography: Alexandra Ortega, Carl Gombert, Grace Jost, Lexi McBrayer, Liliana Short, MyKayla Shearin-Howard, Toni Tomlinson, Trenton Fischer

4:00   Dance Show @ Theatre (45 min.)
Performers: Rex Borgenicht, Audrey Boyd, Molly Branch, Anna Cole, Solomon Coleman, Sydney Colen, Kaneeyah Coles, Ariana Corsey, Destiny David, DaQuan Dennis, Kayl Dreckman, Lucy Farruggia, Zamira Frost, Jalah Green, Rosario Gutierrez, Alexis Guzman, Isabella Hinkson, Veronica James, Alycia Kaufman, Lauren (Frankie) Kaye, Kendall Lockhart, Mona Marshall, Willa Marshall, Dahlya Martinez, Lexi McBrayer, Alexandra Ortega, Emily Pardilla, Hayden Porter, Violet Randle, Lily Rowan, Isabella Santone, MyKayla Shearin-Howard, Timora Simmons, Anna Stribrny, Leilani Rodriguez, Charlotte Ziccardi
Crew: Evelyn Monsalud

5:15    Rock Show @ The Grove Stage (45 min.)
Robert Betts Cope, Solomon Coleman, Josanna Rae Crookston, Jeremiah Cuthbertson, Daniel Gala, Tate Jensen, Jared Kaye, Parker Lengle, Ahron Lewis, Michael Martinez, Leo McGuire, Evelyn Monsalud, Calvin Mustokoff, Ellie Reiner, Matthew Shuster, Hannah Smith, Solomon Stone, Isabella Ulfelder, Aden Van Hollander, Jordan Wallace, Isaiah Weekes, Judah Weekes, Camille Williams, Charlotte Ziccardi

7:30    Music Concert @ Theater (75 minutes)
Performers: Kaneeya Coles, Jeremiah Cuthbertson, Donni Denham, Trenton Fischer, Gia Frattaroli, Laila Gallo, Annabella Gollotto, Jalah Green, Rosario Gutierrez, Alexis Guzman, Isabella Hinkson, Tate Jensen, Dean Jost, Jared Kaye, Ahron Lewis, Mackenzie McCallum, Leo McGuire, Ruby Moser, Rayner Perez, Uriel Perez, Edwin Pineda, Ellie Reiner, Lily Rowan, Prachi Ruina, Azad Shabazz-Henry, Timothy Simmons, Emma Skillman, Renee Sparrow, Tom Sparrow, LeeAndrea Tello, Judah Weekes, Journey Young
Technicians: Benjamin Ainslie, Anna Cole, Donni Denham, Annabella Gollotto, Evelyn Monsalud, Alexandra Ortega, Avril Roberts