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Session Three Showcase Schedule!

Week one has finally come to an end, and our campers are gearing up for their performances that are just under a week away! Do you know what shows your camper is in? Check the lists below to find out!


Friday August 2, 2019

5:15 PM Minor Showcase @ Theatre (60 min.)

*Theatre Performance: Isabel A., Gabrielle B., Nina B., Caroline B., Molly B., Casey C., Cimiyyia C., Scarlett F., Dylan F., Jacob G., Tatiana G., Olivia H., Maggie H., Olive H., Madison H., Bridget K., Eleanor L., Gianna M., Alayzha M., Darienne M., Saije M., Summer N., Zavyr O., Jasir Q., Ryan T., Ella T., Avery W., Aleena Z. *NOTE: Triple Threat campers will be featured in the Dance Show on Saturday


Music: Aden B., Caroline B., Jada C., Jaxson C., Evangeline D., Boleslav E., Amelia F., Jayson F., Mia G., Tatiana G., Bella G., Aamir L., Summer N., Samuel O., Nadav P.G., Noelle R., Mae W., Isaiah W.

Technicians: Dylan F., Lauren K., Max L., Cassidy N., Shayna R.

Saturday August 3, 2019

11:30 AM    Art + Technology Show @ Theater (40 minutes)

Featuring: Victoria A., Felipe B., Joshua B., Jaxson C., Kelly C., Sam D., Amelia E., Amelia F., Jayson F., Dylan G., Tianna H., Blake-Hayden H., Joshua K., Gianna M., Olivia M., Darienne M., Daniel M., Sasha M., Samuel O., Emma S., Abigail S., Harper S., Autumn S., Ciara T., Ellie W., Rajahn W., Alden W., Ariah W., Benjamin W.

                  Sports & Swim Video Feature @ Theater (15 minutes)
Sports & Swim: Adeola A., Michaela A., Aden B., Brianly B., Felipe B., Haley B., Amanie B., Noelle B., Gabrielle B., Molly B., Lundon C., Ceqouia C., Cimiyyia C., Diannis d.l.R., Mariannis d.l.R., Khianey D., Evangeline D., Jo’el F., Shayla F., Jacob G., Blake-Hayden H., Angel H., Ashley H., Justin J., Christ J., Khamari J., Nickolas K., Bridget K.,  Max L., Aamir L., Eleanor L., Fareno M., Austin M., Saani M., Saije M.,  Darienne M., Delmarie O., Samueln O., Zavyr O., Victoria P., Talif P.,  Brian P., Noelle R., Gianna R., Azad S.H., Nanaama S., Harper S., Abdul S., Alexander T., Ryan T.,  Xariana W., Al-quadir W., Rajahn W., Gianna W., Avery W.

1:30 PM    Music Concert @ Theater (75 minutes)

Featuring: Addison A., Noah B., Caroline B., Boleslav E., Bella E., Theresa F., Jo’el F., Amelia F., Jayson F., Wayne F., Bella G., Jacob G., Blake-Hayden H., Angel H., Dean J., Nickolas K., Joshua K., Aamir L., Gianna M., Elise M., Daniel M., Victoria P., Noelle R., Theodore S., Bintia S., Rajahn W., Alden W., Mae W., Isaiah W., Kaylin W., Aleena Z.

**Technicians & Designers: Livia B., Sofia C., Angelina F., Dylan G., Max L., Ciara T., Ella T.

3:00 PM    Visual Arts, Photography, featuring Arts + Technology
@ Art Gallery & Conference Rooms (45 minutes)

Visual Arts Victoria A., Adeola A., Brianly B., Hailey B., Priya B., Delaney B., Livia B., Carlina B., Casey C., Amelia C., Hannah C., Lilah C., Sofia C., William C., Kelly C., Cimiyyia C., Ceqouia C., Diannis d.l.R., Mariannis d.l.R., Khianey D., Theresa F., Jo’el F., Rowen F., Jayson F., John F., Shayla F., Daliah F., Scarlett F., Dylan F,, Lindsey G., Tyler G., Julia H,, Olivia H., Blake-Hayden H., Keziah H., Lydia H., Madison H., Madeline I., Rudge J., Ruud J.,  Dean J., Khamari J., Nickolass K., Lucas K., Bridget K., Laeland L., Max L., James L., Olivia M., Austin M., Sofie M., Elise M., Saani M., Saije M., Ciara M., Isaiah M., Sasha M., Delmarie O., Samuel O., Zavyr O., Brian P., Brianna P., Tula P., Ellie R., Kayla R., Gianna R., Shayna R., Nanaama S., Mirielle S., Harper S., Autumn S., Iris T., Maya T., Carl T., Alexander T., Ciara T., Ella T., Elena v.H., Gianna W., Al-quadir W., Isaiah W., Colette W., Kira W., Avery W., Benjamin Z.

Agriculture: Preeti A., Cimiyyia C., Daniel M., Sasha M.

Photography: Addison A., Livia B., Kelly C., Emilia F.W., Lindsey G., Dylan G., Rudd J., Kayla R., Gianna R., Alexander T., Rajahn W., Izzy Z., Ben Z.

Arts + Technology: Evangeline D., Lydia H., Justin J., Ruud Je., Amir L., James L., Fareno M., Talif P., Carl T., Alden W.

4:00 PM    2-Week Theatre Performance @ Theatre (45 min.)
Featuring: Noah B., Sarai B., Hannah C., Frankie K., Hayley M., EC W., Kira W.

Crew:  Addison A., Livia B., Kelly C., Emilia F.W., Lindsey G., Dylan G., Rudd J., Kayla R., Gianna R., Alexander T., Rajahn W., Izzy Z., Ben Z.

5:15 PM    Rock Show @ The Grove Stage (45 min.)
Featuring: Preeti A., Priya B., Sofia C., Jaxson C., William C., Sam D., Emilia F.W., Tyler G., Ashley H., Leila I., Christ J., Lucas K., Joshua K., Olivia M., Cassidy N., Talif P., Nadav P.G., Mirielle S., Theodore S., Abdul S., Iris T., Alexander T., Elena v.H., Kaylin W., Isadora Z.

7:30 PM    Dance Show @ Theater (45 minutes)
Featuring: Victoria A., Adeola A., Michaela A., Brianly B., Hailey B., Jacob B., Noelle B., Delaney B., Julia B., Amanie B., Livia B., Caroline B., Ava B., Amelia C., Lundon C., Ceqouia C., Diannis d.l.R., Mariannis d.l.R., Laci D., Khianey D., Amelia E., Theresa F., Leilani F., Maya F., Shayla F., Leeann G., Tianna H., Serena H., Caitlin K., Laeland L., Saani M., Hayley M., Cassidy Nelson, Delmarie Ortiz, Brianna Peterson, Kayla P., Jasir Q., Zamya R., Kayla R., Shakira S., Nanaama S., Mirielle S., Abdul S., Bintia S., Abigail S., Maya T., Xariana W., Kaylin W., Aleena Z.

**Stage Manager/TechnicianLivia B., Sofia C.


Session 3 Campers: Check-Out Day
We don’t want them to leave, but Sunday August 4th is Check-Out Day. Please plan to pick up your camper between 9-11 AM. We will send out an email with lots of additional information on Wednesday July 31st.

Check out our website for nearby accommodations using this link:

Session 3 & 4 Campers: Visiting Day
Visiting Day is between 9 AM – 5 PM Sunday, August 4th. We will send out an email with lots of additional information on Wednesday July 31st.


We hope to see you soon!