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Session One Showcase!

Can you believe it’s almost time for the Session One Showcase?!

This Friday and Saturdays, campers will have a chance to show their families all the great things they came up with throughout their time so far at camp. The schedule is as follows:

Friday July 5, 2019
5:15   Minor Showcase @ Theatre

Saturday July 6, 2019
11:30   Art + Technology Show @ Theatre
            Sports & Swim Video Feature @ Theatre
12:30  Lunch (ONLY for families with campers in the 11:30 & 1:30 shows)
1:30    Music Concert @ Theatre
3:00    Visual Art & Photo Show @ Art Gallery & Conference Room 3/4
           Please Note: The galleries will be open all day for families to enjoy the visual art
4:00    2-Week Theatre Performance @ Theatre
5:15    Rock Show @ The Grove Stage
6:30    Dinner @ Dining Hall (ONLY for families with campers in the 5:15 & 7:30 shows)
7:30    Dance Show @ Theater

Is your camper performing? Check the list of performers below to find out!:




Minor Showcase

Featuring: Isaac A., Eavan A., Levi C. L., Anna C., Quitterie d’O., Stella F., Daniel G., Chrystal G., Jalah G., Tyler H., Soraya H., Tate J., Tyler K., Parker L., Eglantine M., Calvin M., Jadyn N., Robert P., Kennent P., Jeremy R., Silvia Mae S., MyKayla S.H., Liliana S., Mia S., Judah W., Jaeden W., Amber W., Lila W., Charlotte Z.

Technicians: Robbie B., Sydney C., Carl G., Shania J., Frankie K., Evelyn M., Alex P., Logan R., Hannah S.





Art + Technology Show
Featuring: Kenny B., Molly B., Julia C., Trenton F., Jaxon K., Samantha M., Georgia M., Miles M., Violet R., Dorothea Z. 


Sports & Swim Video Feature
Featuring: Jermey A., Mekayala A.M., Daphne B., Kenny B., Joseph (JJ) B., Johnny B., Robbie B., Audrey B., Molly B., Joshua B., Marlon B., Kevin C., Solomon C.,  Jeremiah C., Briana D., Eva F., Talia F., Trenton F., Miguel F., Lucy F., Youssef G., Leikel G., Chloe G., Rosario G., Alexis G., Nailah G., Tyler H., Yashwin I., Nya J., Jaxon K., Lorenzo L., Hanastasia M., David M., Dahlya M., Michael M., Margot M., Evan M., Michael M., Daniel M., Sasha M., Mikayla M., Alexandra O., Joel P., Edkens P., Gabriella P. Logan R., Arianna R., MyKayla S.H., Matthew S., Rafael V., Morrison W., Amber W. Journey Y., Beixiang (Tommy) Z.


Music Concert
Featuring:  Ben A., Jeremy A., Daphne B., Evan B., Robert B.C., Audrey B., Marlon B., Kevin C., Stella F., Miguel F., Daniel G., Hannah G., Jalah G., Mason G., Alexis G., Tyler H., Tate J., Jared K., Elliott L., Sam L., Ahron L., Garrett M., Leo M., Margot M., Ava M., Ruby M., Daniel M., Calvin M., Robert P., Edkens P., Jeremy R., Morrsion W., Isaiah W., Judah W., Jaeden W., Charlotte Z.
Technicians & Designers: Eavan A., Kevin C., Donni D., Maddy D., Nia G., Mason G., Carl G., Evelyn M., Alex P., Avril R., Hannah S., Samantha V., Journey Y.


Visual Arts & Photography Show, featuring Arts + Technology

Visual Arts Charlotte B.S.,  , Evan B., Joshua B., Kelsie C., Levi C.L., Julia C., Anna C., Sydney C., Zora D., Kendall D.S., Quitterie d’O., Lucy F., Eva F., Talia F., Lucy F., Chrystal G., Mason G., Carl G., Rebecca G., Ava G., Leikel G., Nailah G., Chloe G., Rosario G., Soli H.,  Ava I., Yashwin I., Ali I., Nya J., Lily J., Jared K., Lauren K.,  Alexandra K., Chloe K., Samuel L., Ahron L., Francesca L., Kendall L., Gretchen L., Coralie L., Garrett M., Callie M., Dahlia M., Michael M.,  Bernadine M., Leo M.,  Mona M., Margot M., Eglantine M., Ava M., Rebekkah M., Wendy M.C., Michael M., Daniel M.,  , Miles M., Sarina N., Jadyn N., Abby N., Alexandra O.,  Gabriella P., Edkins P., Kennent P., Joel P., Josanna R., Anya R., Ashton R., Logan R., Johanna S., Ahad S.H., Matthew S., Emma S., Abigail S., Hannah S., MeLeah S.,  Solomon S., Chloe T., Isabella U., Rafael V., Samantha V., Morrison W.

Photography: Rob B., Solomon C., Talia F., Trenton ., Hope G., Carl G., Rosey G., Jaxon K., Hammer L., Parker L., Dahlia M., Rebekkah M., Michael M., Alexandra O., Gabby P., Chloe T., Margot W. 

Arts + Technology: Malachi A., Kenny B., Solomon C., Jeremiah C., Miguel F., Chloe G., Tyler H., Lily J., Shania J., Sasha M., Joel P., Kennent P., Sael R., Matthew S., Emma S., MeLeah S., Rafael V., Margot W.


The Sneeze (2-Week Play)
Featuring: Hannah G., Armance H., Simon K., Lorenzo L., Coralie L., Evan M., Abigail S., Nasanya T.

Crew: Eavan A., Evan B., Kevin C., Zora D., Hannah G., Nia G., Hanastasia M., Evelyn M., Sasha M., Avril R., Abigail S., Silvia Mae S., MeLeah S., Samantha V.


Rock Show
Featuring: Isaac A., Jonathan B., Joseph B., Solomon C., Josanna R.C., Jeremiah C., Stella F., Daniel G., Chloe G., Tate J., Simon K., Elliott L., Ahron L., Parker L., Leo M., Garrett M., Ruby M., Calvin M., Robert P., Shaniah P., Jeremy R., Arianna R., Sael R., Johanna S., Matthew S., Mia S., Matthew S., Solomon S., Isabella U., Isaiah W., Judah W., Margot W., Jaeden W., Journey Y., Beixiang Z., Charlotte Z.


Dance Show
Featuring: Mekayala A.M., Daphne B., Rex B., Joshua B., Anna C., Sydney C., Quitterie d’O., Stella F., Lucy F., Talia F., Zamira F., Leikel G., Rosario G., Alexis G., Armance H., Ava I., Nya J., Kendall L., Lorenzo L., Hanastasia M., Dahlya M., Mona M., Willa M., Eglantine M., Georgia M., Stella N., Alexandra O., Violet R., Lily R., Isabella S., Azza S.H., Shanti S.F., MyKayla S.H., Matthew S., Nasanya T., Camille W., Jaeden W., Samantha V.

Stage Manager/Technician: Evelyn M.

For more information about our showcase, please check your emails!