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Session 1, 2015 Play Blurbs

Drop Dead, Juliet  (2 week)
by Allison Williams

Have you ever wondered how Shakespeare’s tragic love story would end if Romeo did not fall for Juliet? In Allison Williams’ refreshingly comical play DROP DEAD, JULIET,  a spunky, actress portraying Juliet is fed up with her character’s fate. She wants happily ever after, NOT a tragic death. With the help of an old friend, she adds more females, gets rid of fighting, and possibly leads Romeo to fall in love with the wrong girl. She soon comes to the realization that maybe change isn’t always a good idea.

Play on Saturday, July 11 at 4:30 in the Theater. 

by Sarah Ruhl

Eurydice tells the story of the Greek myth of Orpheus- but through Eurydice’s eyes. Sarah Ruhl’s play version follows Eurydice from the day of her engagement to the day she is (meant to be) led out of the underworld. Over the course of this journey, she gets engaged to Orphea, gets married, goes to the apartment of a Nasty Interesting Man, falls down stairs, goes to the Underworld (which is guarded by The Stones), is bothered by the Lord of the Underworld, and reunites with her parents. Orphea, left in the world of the mortals, goes to find her. However, the Underworld is fond of erasing people’s memories- will Eurydice want to go back?


Natalie Baker

RJ Cappuccio

Angelina Fauerbach

Ava Ganser

Nyla Gilliam

Kayla Kern

Nate Kianovsky

Havi Rojer

Sophie Smith

The Miracle Worker
by William Gibson

Helen Keller, daughter of a unreconstructed rebel newspaperman in Alabama, becomes blind and deaf in an early childhood illness. Her parents are frantic and, as she gets older, she becomes more and more of a wild being. In desperation they appeal to a school for the blind and recruit Anne Sullivan to “handle” their child. The conflicts between Helen and Anne and Anne and the Kellers are stuff of which plays are made. In fact, it is the stuff of which this play is made. Based on the true story and experience of Annie Sullivan, “The Miracle Worker” is as powerful as it is true.


Judah Barnett

Shane Garry

Isadora Kianovsky

Rebekah Kline

James O’ Driscoll

Sofia Pollack

Sarah Willis

Chenoa Yelle

She Kills Monsters
by Qui Ngyuen

Agnes Evans lost her little sister Tilly, who she barely knew, in a car crash.  While cleaning out Tilly’s bedroom, hoping to figure out who her sister was, she finds a strange book…which she discovers is a Dungeons & Dragons module.  And so she does the only thing she can:  seeks out her sister’s weird gamer friends, and convinces them to play it module with her.  SHE KILLS MONSTERS is a heartbreaking and hilarious story of coming to terms with who you are and whom you love…told through ’90s nostalgia pop and lots and lots of awesome monster battles.


Talia Feshbach

Audrey Gao

Julia Green

Kate Harte-McCormick

Nala Johnson

Maddie Lippa

Gabby Pollack

Adayzha Sapp

Mason Tepper

Chloe Tevere

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog
by Joss Whedon, et al

Billy is an up-and-coming supervillain with dreams of hitting the big time and joining the Evil League of Evil and saving the world from itself because “the status is… not quo.  The world is a mess and I just need to rule it”.  Can he overcome the brash charm of his Arch Nemesis, Captain Hammer, and win the heart of his secret crush?  Will Bad Horse welcome Dr Horrible into the Evil League of Evil with open hooves?  Follow Dr Horrible as he musically blogs his adventures.


Isa Barnett

Jake Gess

Kayla Halper

William Jones

Rebecca Kern

Grace Neuger

Ingrid Rodriguez

Camille Williams

Ariana Wilson


All show information, including dates will be announced on Visitor’s Day.