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How to Apply

How to Apply

We are accepting applications for Camp 2021, and will begin reviewing applications in March. Due to the pandemic, Camp 2021 opening at 50% capacity, and we will be awarding fewer scholarships than usual.

Apply here: Camp 2020 Scholarship Application.

Thank you for your interest in Appel Farm’s Rising Young Artist Scholarship Program. For over 55 years, Appel Farm Arts Camp has brought together a diverse community of young people to learn, grow, and explore the arts. Campers, ages 7-17, sleep away for anywhere from 2-8 weeks of their summer in a nurturing, creative environment, all while learning about theatre, music, dance, visual arts, photography, video, creative writing, and more! For more information about all of the activities offered at camp, and to make sure it’s a good fit for your child’s summer, feel free to explore our website.

Though the scholarship application asks for gross household income, it is not the only factor the committee evaluates when making awards. Our rubric considers a variety of factors like teacher recommendations, child’s interest in the arts, and other financial circumstances as explained in the narrative portion of the application. We are sensitive to the fact that many middle income families, especially those with multiple children or financial hardships like medical expenses or debt, have trouble affording camp, yet don’t qualify for other scholarship programs because their income is too high. Our message is, if you are having trouble affording camp, we want to help.

Please use the following guidelines to ensure that your child qualifies, and then read the application instructions and complete the steps below. Because we partner with various foundations and organizations to provide these scholarships, many of our awards are targeted to specific regions and demographics.

Guidelines for Qualification:

  • Interest and involvement in one or more of the arts offered as part of the Appel Farm program
  • Financial need
  • Potential for growth and development through the Appel Farm experience in comparison to the opportunities afforded the child at home
  • Background and experience which will broaden the cultural diversity of Appel Farm
  • Space availability and previous attendance at Appel Farm

Online Application

Step 1: Read all of our Frequently Asked Questions.

Step 2: Complete our Online Application.

  • The parent(s)/legal guardian(s) should complete Sections 1-3.
  • The camper should complete Section 4.

Step 3: First-Time Campers Only – Send a Teacher Recommendation link to a teacher who is familiar with the child. This can be an arts teacher or classroom teacher. The application will not be considered complete until the Teacher Recommendation is received.