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Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger Stunts – Appel Farm builds community with games, strategy, and a good deal of silliness!

As we get ready to start up the holidays, we remember one of our most energetic ways to start up the session; the Scavenger Hunt!

At Appel Farm, we don’t waste any time getting to know our new friends and making memories that last. On the first full night of the session, once campers are all settled into their new bunks, it’s time for the Scavenger Hunt!

Every bunk is their own team that gets to explore the Appel Farm grounds while hunting down clues, playing games, and building a stronger community. But, of course, our campers get the chance to show off their creativity and personal style. Bunks choose their “themes” and dress up in costume to show of their bunk pride. Some themes we got to see in the summer of 2015 included fandoms, Harry Potter, and super heroes!


 Our campers share their talent all throughout the summer. You can find more fun stuff all year long with our blog, Facebook, and Appel Core!